Radiation Safety Manual

The Radiation Safety Manual (RSM) is an integral part of the Department’s radioactive materials license which states the requirements Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) personnel must follow. Non-departmental personnel must follow the requirements of Section 2.18, Consultant and Contractor Procedures, of the RSM, Topic No: 675-050-001 in addition to their own radioactive materials license requirements in using nuclear surface moisture-density gauges (density gauges) and other equipment containing radioactive materials.

Topic No: 675-050-002 provides the information and instructions for safe and proper use of hand-held, benchtop and large fixed analytical x-ray machines, and compliance with state and federal regulations applicable to the Department’s analytical x-ray operations.

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FDOT Radiation Safety Manual, Revised 11/2023 (PDF-1.7MB)

FDOT Analytical X-ray Radiation Safety Manual, Revised 02/2023 (PDF-1.29MB)


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