The Radiation Safety Manual (RSM) is an integral part of the Department’s radioactive materials license which states the requirements Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) personnel must follow. Non-departmental personnel must follow the requirements of Chapter 9, Non-departmental Personnel, of the RSM, Topic No: 675-050-001 in addition to their own radioactive materials license requirements in using Nuclear surface moisture-density gauges (density gauges) and other equipment containing radioactive materials.

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Manual Index

Title (PDF-46.5KB)

  • Radiation Safety Manual

Table of Contents (PDF-29.2KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 2/19/08

  • RSM Table of Contents

Introduction (PDF-112KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 5/13/03

  • Purpose; Scope: Authority; Definitions; Procedure; Training; Forms

CHAPTER 1:  Regulations (PDF-123KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 5/13/03

  • Purpose; Scope; General; Regulation, Radioactive Materials License, Compliance, Loaning Department-Owned Nuclear Equipment, Storage of Non-Department-Owned Nuclear Equipment; Licensor; Licensee, License Administrator, Department's Responsibility

CHAPTER 2:  Safety (PDF-164KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 11/03/06

  • Introduction; Purpose and Scope, ALARA Philosophy, Management Commitment; Training; Personnel Safety; Means of Limiting Radiation Exposure, Personnel Monitoring, Protections Against Radiation, Occupational Dose Limits, Requirements for Declared Pregnancies, Public Dose Limits, Instruction to Workers, Notification and Reports to Individuals, Retention of Exposure Records

CHAPTER 3:  Emergency Procedures (PDF-134KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 5/13/03

  • Purpose; Scope; Incident Defined; What is an Incident, Categories of Incident, Water-Damaged Gauges; Emergency Procedure - FDOT Operated Equipment; Category, Damaged or Exposed Source, Movement of Gauges Involved in Accidents, Contacting Local Law Enforcement Agencies, Unauthorized Personnel, Initial Notification, Project Engineer or Responsible Person in Charge, District RSO, FDOT RSO; Emergency Procedure - Non-FDOT Equipment; General Procedure, DRSO Role, DRSO Actions

CHAPTER 4:  Transporting and Storage  (PDF-83.7KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 5/06/06

  • Purpose and Scope; Signs, Labels, Notices and Forms; Security of Radioactive Material; Transportation of Gauges; Personnel Permitted in Vehicle, Shipping; Papers, Vehicle Requirements, Storage of Gauges in Vehicles; Gauge Storage in District Offices; License Requirements, Storage Area Requirements; Gauge Storage in Construction Offices; When to Store, Securing Storage Area, Signs and Notices, Notifications; Gauge Storage in Field Offices; Part IX Posting Requirements; Required Postings, Additional Postings

CHAPTER 5:  Equipment Operation (PDF-172KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 11/03/03

  • Purpose and Scope; Leak Test; Semiannual Leak Testing, Incident Leak Testing, About Leak Testing, Conducting Leak Testing; Gauge Inventory; Department Requirements; Density Gauge Diary, Manufacturer's Instruction or Operations Manual, Inspection and Maintenance; Equipment Operation; Equipment Well-Being and Security, Operating the Gauge, Periodic Maintenance, Removal of Radioactive Materials, Repairs of Gauges, Specialized Nuclear Equipment; Obtaining Equipment; Required of the Department, Required of the Manufacturer, Required of the District; Transport and Storage Containers; FDOT Transport/Storage Containers, Manufacturer Shipping Container; Radiation Survey Instruments; Radiation Survey Instruments, Storage and Security, Calibration of Survey Instruments

CHAPTER 6:  Personnel (PDF-56.7KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 2/19/08

  • Purpose and Scope; Radiation Safety Officer (RSO); Definition, Training Requirements, Authority, Duties and Responsibilities of the RSO; District Radiation Administration Officer (DRSO); FDOT Project Engineer; Equipment Operator

CHAPTER 7:  Radiation (PDF-162KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 5/13/03

  • Purpose; Scope; Basic Concept of Nuclear Science; About Atoms, Elements, Isotopes, Half-Life, Radioactivity; Types of Radiation; Ionizing Radiation, Non-Ionizing Radiation; Measures of Radiation; Becquerel (Bq), Curie (CI); Radiological Doses; Categories, Quality Factors, Roentgen Equivalent Man (rem), Sievert (Sv); Biological Effects and Radiological; Health Requirements; Short-Term Dose, Long-Term Dose, Effects of Radiation, External Radiation Hazards; About the Gauge; Radioactivity, Isotope, Half-Life, Radioactive Sources

CHAPTER 8:  Training (PDF-32.1KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 2/19/08

  • Purpose and Scope; Training Requirements; Authorization to Conduct Training; Obtaining Training and a Certificate of Qualification; Provide Training, Certificate of Qualification; Training Class; Approach to Training, Training Class Agenda, Guidance for Instructors, Manual Layout and Classroom Presentation, Examination

CHAPTER 9:  Non-Department Personnel (PDF-110KB)
Effective 6/01/00, Revised 5/13/03

  • Purpose; Scope; Nuclear Manual Provisions Applicable to Consultants; Consultant's Additional Requirements; Supervision at Project Level, Transporting Equipment Containing Radioactive Equipment on FDOT Construction Project, Storage of Non-Department-owned Nuclear Equipment; DRSO Role; General, Monitoring Consultants

Effective 6/01/00, Revised 2/19/08

  • A.1, "Caution - Radioactive Materials" Sign - A.2, [reserved] - A.3, "Radioactive Yellow II" Label - A.4, "USA DOT 7A Type A" Label - A.5, "Caution - Radioactive Materials" Label - A.6, "Emergency Phone Numbers" Dashboard Label - A.7, "Empty" Label - A.8, [reserved] - A.9, DOH - Notice to Employees - A.10, Emergency Notification Form - A.11, Leak Test Kit - A.12, Symbol Meanings - A.13, Periodic Table - A.14, Decay Curve for Cesium 137 - A.15, Gauge Certificate - A.16, Type A Package Certification - A.17, Declaration of Pregnancy - A.18, Department Bill of Lading - A.19, Emergency Response Information - A.20, Department Emergency Procedure - A.21, Notification to Authorities

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