Materials Manual

The Materials Manual contains the instructions needed to complete Quality Assurance and Materials Acceptance for Florida Department of Transportation contracts. This web page, which displays only the most recent versions of the files, has been divided into Volumes I and II as shown below. Volume I (V1) includes Department Personnel Responsibilities and Volume II (V2) includes Non-Department Personnel Responsibilities. For questions or comments regarding this page, or to receive notifications of updates to the Materials Manual, please contact Cristina Croft at (352) 955-6634.

Introduction [PDF-566 KB]

CHAPTER 1: Mineral Aggregates

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 1.1Construction AggregatesV1-Section 1.1  [PDF-550KB] N/A
Section 1.2Mitigation of Point-of-Use Aggregate ProblemsV1-Section 1.2  [PDF-85KB] N/A

CHAPTER 2: Soils Materials and Foundations

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 2.1Structural Layer Coefficients for Flexible Pavement Base MaterialsV1-Section 2.1 [PDF-142KB]N/A
Section 2.2Soils and FoundationsV1-Section 2.2 [PDF-274KB]N/A
Section 2.3Earthwork OperationsV1-Section 2.3  [PDF-167KB] N/A
Section 2.4Polymer SlurryN/AV2-Section 2.4

CHAPTER 3: Bituminous Materials

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 3.1District Materials Activities for Asphalt Pavement ConstructionV1-Section 3.1 [PDF-350KB]N/A
Section 3.2 Flexible Pavement Coring and EvaluationV1-Section 3.2 [PDF-37KB]N/A
Section 3.3Superpave Mix Design ProcedureN/AN/A
Section 3.4 Asphalt EmulsionN/AV2-Section 3.4
Section 3.5Asphalt BinderN/AV2-Section 3.5

CHAPTER 4: Flexible and Rigid Pavement Condition Survey

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
N/AOutline (There are currently no sections available for Chapter 4)N/AN/A

CHAPTER 5: Quality Assurance

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
ReportQualification Performance ReportOFP OfficeN/A
ApplicationLaboratory Qualification ApplicationOFP OfficeN/A
Section 5.1Acceptance ProgramV1-Section 5.1 [PDF-79KB]N/A
Section 5.2Materials Program Responsibilities for Local Agency ProjectsV1-Section 5.2 [PDF-231KB]N/A
Section 5.3Disposition of Defective Materials (Discontinued 5/17/06) - This information is now incorporated in CPAM-Section 5.8N/AN/A
Section 5.4Final Project Material Certification V1-Section 5.4 [PDF-142KB]N/A
Section 5.5Independent Assurance ProgramV1-Section 5.5 [PDF-312KB]N/A
Section 5.6Quality Control Program (Producer)V1-Section 5.6 [PDF-331KB]N/A
NOTE:Information on the above Contractor QCP procedures can be found in CPAM-Section 3.3N/AN/A
Section 5.7Laboratory Qualification ProgramV1-Section 5.7 [PDF-543KB]N/A
Section 5.8Materials Acceptance and Certification (MAC)V1-Section 5.8 [PDF-126KB]N/A
Section 5.9Inspection-In-DepthV1-Section 5.9 [PDF-30KB]N/A
Section 5.10Evaluation of Manufactured Materials and Random Sampling of Approved ProductsV1-Section 5.10 [PDF-212KB]N/A
Section 5.11Forensic InvestigationsV1-Section 5.11 [PDF-36KB]N/A


CHAPTER 6: Manufactured Drainage Products

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 6.1Quality Assurance Program for Flexible PipeV1-Section 6.1 [PDF-66KB]V2-Section 6.1
Section 6.2Precast Concrete PipeV1-Section 6.2 [PDF-176KB]V2-Section 6.2
Section 6.3Precast Concrete Drainage Structures and Box CulvertsV1-Section 6.3 [PDF-178KB]V2-Section 6.3

CHAPTER 7: Timber Products

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 7.1Inspection of Timber ProductsV1-Section 7.1 [PDF-163KB] N/A

CHAPTER 8: Precast/Prestressed Concrete Products

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 8.1Precast Prestressed Concrete ProductsV1-Section 8.1 [PDF-284KB]V2-Section 8.1 
Section 8.2Incidental Precast Concrete ProductsV1-Section 8.2 [PDF-124KB]V2-Section 8.2
Section 8.3Prestressed Concrete Producers' Quality Control Related to Major Product DefectsV1-Section 8.3 [PDF-119KB]V2-Section 8.3
Section 8.4Self-Consolidating Concrete (SCC) for Precast/Prestressed Concrete ProductsV1-Section 8.4 [PDF-53KB]V2-Section 8.4
Section 8.5Precast Prestressed Concrete Plant Certification Agency Program Acceptance GuidelinesV1-Section 8.5 [PDF-81KB]N/A
Section 8.6Flowing Concrete for Precast/Prestressed Concrete ProductsV1-Section 8.6 [PDF-162KB]V2-Section 8.6

CHAPTER 9: Concrete Production

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 9.1Quality Control of Concrete (Discontinued 3/10/08)N/AN/A
Section 9.2Concrete Production Facilities Guide


V1-Section 9.2 [PDF-198KB]V2-Section 9.2
Section 9.3Concrete Pavement Production Facilities Guide


N/AV2-Section 9.3
Section 9.4Mass Concrete Control Plan


V1-Section 9.4 [PDF-139KB]V2-Section 9.4

CHAPTER 10: Florida Test Methods

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 10.1Florida Sampling and Testing MethodsV1-Section 10.1 [PDF-123KB]N/A

CHAPTER 11: Steel and Miscellaneous Metal Products

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 11.1Fabrication Inspection and Testing of        Structural Metal ProductsV1-Section 11.1V2-Section 11.1
Section 11.2Welding Procedure Specification Review and Approval ProcessN/AV2-Section 11.2
Section 11.3Advanced Ultrasonic TestingN/AV2-Section 11.3
Section 11.4Computed Radiography Procedures (Photostimulable Luminescence)N/AV2-Section 11.4
Section 11.5Pre-Approved Repair Procedures for Structural SteelN/AV2-Section 11.5
Section 11.6Pre-Approved Repair Procedures for Shop Applied CoatingsN/AV2-Section 11.6

CHAPTER 12: Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites

SectionTitleVolume IVolume II
Section 12.1Fiber Reinforced Polymer CompositesN/AV2-Section 12.1


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