Recycled Materials



Historically, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has used recycled materials in transportation projects. The FDOT is involved nationally and is working with the Recycled Materials Resource Center and the American Association of Highway and Transportation Officials to develop guidelines and specifications for the use of recycled materials in highway projects.


The Department's objective is to create additional specifications for recycled resources and to remove any restrictions that may prevent the use of these materials in existing specifications. Criteria that typically govern the use of a recycled material include environmental conditions, economics and availability.

Generally, when any of the following conditions are met, the use of a recycled material is encouraged:

  • the recycled material performs as well or better than the material it replaces;
  • the use of a recycled material minimizes the impact on limited resources; or
  • the use of the recycled material does not exceed the cost of the material it replaces.

Many reclaimed materials have already been identified by the Department for project use. Some examples include coal combustion fly ash in concrete; recycled asphalt in pavement; recycled plastic in guardrail offset blocks and flexible delineator posts; and ground tire rubber in asphalt pavement. In addition, cities and counties often utilize FDOT specifications; therefore, recycled materials are frequently incorporated into projects beyond the scope of the Department.


The FDOT will continually strive to protect the environment by identifying new applications where reclaimed materials can be effectively incorporated into the state's highway system.

Additional Information


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