Asset Maintenance (AM) is a performance-based contracting method whereby the Department contracts with private or public entities for the management and performance of the maintenance of the transportation facility components of specific roadway corridors or entire geographical areas. In some cases, AM Contracts may include only specific transportation facility components such as rest areas or bridges.

Contract Documents, Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines

File Title Attributes
Contract Documents List --
Contract Documents List - Performance Based Landscape Maintenance --
Performance Based Contracts Procedure Adobe PDF - 64 KB, Rev. Date 11-20-13
District 3 Permit Process Guidelines Adobe PDF - 19 KB, Rev. Date 04-05-08
Performance Based Division I Specs Adobe PDF - 182 KB, Rev. Date 08-03-16
Guidelines for Emergency Relief --
Monitoring Plan Adobe PDF - 259 KB, Rev. Date 05-15-13
Open Roads Policy FDOT/FHP Adobe PDF - 235 KB, Rev. Date 01-31-14
Authorization for Billing and Collection of Third Party Reimbursement on
Performance Based Contracts
Word DOC - 170 KB, Rev. Date 05-28-15
Billing and Collection of Third Party Reimbursement E-Mail Adobe PDF - 80 KB, Rev. Date 09-09-11
Steps For AM Contractors To Order Signs From the State Sign Shop Adobe PDF - 63 KB, Rev. Date 02-08-17
Sign Commodity Catalog Adobe PDF - 3.1 MB, Rev. Date 02-07-17
AM Contractor Sample Sign Fabrication Form Word DOC - 129 KB, Rev. Date 02-08-17
Blank Sign Fabrication Form Word DOC - 121 KB, Rev. Date 04-13-15

Future Contracts

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AM Schedule - Future Contracts
Adobe PDF - 455 KB, Rev. Date 03-01-19
(The AM Schedule above is subject to change. For all existing contracts, the decision to renew or rebid will be determined on a case by case basis.)

Asset Maintenance Contracts Reports

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Active AM Contracts Report by Contract Adobe PDF - 480 KB, Rev. Date 03-01-19
Active AM Contracts Report by Contractor Adobe PDF - 487 KB, Rev. Date 03-01-19
Active AM Contracts Report by District Adobe PDF - 495 KB, Rev. Date 03-01-19

AMPER Reports and Manuals

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AMPER Grades Report by Contractor Adobe PDF - 978 KB, Rev. Date 03-01-19
AMPER Manual 2.2 - Volumes 1 and 2 Adobe PDF - 1.93 MB, Rev. Date 08--17

General Information (Correspondence)

File Title Attributes
Bridge & Overhead Sign and HMLP Damage Assessment 08-29-07 Adobe PDF - 20 KB, Rev. Date 08-09-07
Inspection of Construction Projects Adobe PDF - 118 KB, Rev. Date 06-25-07
Report of DBE Utilization --

Meeting Minutes

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Liaison Committee and Sub-Committee Meeting Minutes --
Maintenance Claim Review Committee Meetings Adobe PDF - 8 KB, Rev. Date 08-02-07

Archived Information

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Contracting Adobe PDF - 137 KB, Rev. Date 05-22-02
Contracting and Monitoring - Operational Audit --
Summary Adobe PDF - 443 KB, Rev. Date 04-29-05

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