Asset Maintenance Procedures


Topic Number 225-085-001 General Liability Claims
Topic Number 325-010-001 Maintenance Management System
Topic Number 350-020-002 Routine Maintenance Cost Collection
Topic Number 375-000-005 Performance Based Maintenance Contracting
Topic Number 375-020-002 Maintenance Contract Administration, Inspection and Reporting
Topic Number 625-010-021 Median Opening and Access Management Decision Process
Topic Number 650-030-001 Wildflower Management Program
Topic Number 750-000-001 Roadway Characteristics Inventory Traffic Engineering and Operations Data
Topic Number 750-010-016 Statewide Lane Closures on the State Highway System
Topic Number 850-000-001 Transportation Data Collection, Storage and Reporting
Topic Number 850-000-005 Maintenance Responsibilities on Construction Projects
Topic Number 850-000-015 Roadway and Roadside Maintenance
Topic Number 850-005-001 Reporting Incidents and Management of Damage Repair
Topic Number 850-010-011 Bridge Underwater Operations
Topic Number 850-010-030 Bridge and Other Structures Inspection and Reporting
Topic Number 850-010-032 Movable Bridge Operations
Topic Number 850-015-006 Operation of the Statewide Detour Bridging Program
Topic Number 850-045-003 Rest Area, Welcome Center, and Truck Comfort Station Management
Topic Number 850-045-005 Monuments/Memorials on Department Right of Way
Topic Number 850-050-003 Guardrail Inspection and Maintenance
Topic Number 850-050-004 Highway Safety Memorial Markers
Topic Number 850-055-003 Attenuator Inventory and Inspection
Topic Number 850-055-025 Single and Multi-Post Sign Inspection
Topic Number 850-065-002 Maintenance Rating Program
Topic Number 850-045-003 Rest Area, Welcome Center, and Truck Comfort Station Management


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