Structures / ACROW General Information

For technical or project related question, contact:
Bruno Vasconcelos, PE

Bridging is held and maintained at:
State Aluminum Structures Shop
2590 Camp Road
Oviedo, FL 32765
(407) 977-6520


General Information

  • If the contractor has not constructed an ACROW 300 series in the past 2 years, they are required to attend a half-day training session in Oviedo (Std. Spec. 102-6.2).
  • Other relevant sections regarding Temporary Bridging:
    • Standard Spec. 7-7.2 – Section describing activities to prevent overloading.
    • CPAM Section 10.11
      • 10.11.6 – Restrictions on Overloads on Department-Owned Temporary Bridges
      • 10.11.7 – Language describing Temporary Bridge Activities
  • We only supply the bridging; we will load and unload the bridging at the Oviedo yard. 
  • Minimum Timeline (Standard Spec. 102-6.2):
    • At least 30 days’ notice for request.
    • At least 14 days’ notice for pick-up date.
    • At least 14 days’ notice for drop-off date.  


700 Series

  • >45mph
  • No vertical curves
  • No horizontal curves
  • No cross-slope
  • Can accommodate widths of 24ft, 36ft, and 42ft.
  • Due to the nature of the 700 series ACROW is much more involved with the design and deployment process.


300 Series

  • <45mph
  • No vertical curves
  • No horizontal curves
  • No cross-slope
  • Only available in 24ft roadway width
  • Maximum standard span length is 60ft.
    • This span length allows for all loads up to FL120 without issue.
    • If ACROW is involved longer span lengths can be accommodated.



ACROW Bridge Program ManagerBruno Vasconcelos(850) 410-5808
ACROW Bridge Pick-up LocationRishi Moonian(407) 977-6520



ACROW Request FormAdobe PDF - 64 KB, Rev. date 10-04-23