FDOT Logos

The current FDOT logo replaces the previous logo that served the Florida Department of Transportation since 1989. The new logo was designed by combining three elements; the FDOT acronym, the state of Florida, and the multi-modal pathway to correspond with the department's mission. The modernized look also symbolizes the department's efforts to continually move forward and adapt to new technologies and ideas.


Statement of Use

U.S. Registration Summary

Please note that the FDOT logo is not to be used by third parties who do not otherwise have permission to use the logo. The FDOT logo is registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office under U.S. Registration No. 86171699, registered January 22, 2014.


FDOT Logo Guide (1176kb)
Updated: September 15, 2017

This guide should be referenced when developing print, digital, or video media using the Florida Department of Transportation logo. The purpose of this document is to ensure consistency, predictability and repeatability in the Department's brand.

Business Logos on FDOT Documents
Engineering and Operations Memorandum 13-02 (382kb)
Updated: June 18, 2013

In order to provide a uniform approach in the placement of business logos on or within documents developed for FDOT, consultant business logos are no longer permitted on plans, documents, reports, presentations, etc.


Logo In Vector Format

FDOT_Logo - EPS Files (2.07MB) - Blue/Red, Black, White and Two-Tone in vector format (Multiple Files)

Logo with Transparent Background

FDOT_Logo_color.png (55kb) - Blue and red logo with transparent background

FDOT_Logo_black.png (55kb) - Black logo with transparent background

FDOT_Logo_white.png (49kb) - White logo with transparent background

FDOT_Logo_grayscale.png (53kb) - Two-tone grayscale logo with transparent background

Logo with Solid Background

FDOT_Logo_color.jpg (122kb) - Blue and red logo on white background

FDOT_Logo_black.jpg (99kb) - Black logo on white background

FDOT_Logo_white.jpg (100kb) - White logo on black background

FDOT_Logo_grayscale.jpg (97kb) - Two-tone grayscale logo on white background

Official FDOT Logo Colors


Hexadecimal: #1F4283

RGB: R31  G66  B131

CMYK: C100  M85  Y19  K5

PMS Uncoated: Pantone 280 U

PMS Coated: Pantone 294 C


Hexadecimal: #D72E2A

RGB: R215  G46  B42

CMYK: C10  M96  Y97  K1

PMS Uncoated: Pantone 1795 U

PMS Coated: Pantone 032C

Additional Styles

Recommended Font Families

Serif: Times New Roman

Sans Serif: Arial

If you require the FDOT logo in an alternate format, please contact FDOTcommunicationsoffice@dot.state.fl.us.