Pensacola Bay Bridge Repair Update

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) is assessing and inspecting damage to the Pensacola Bay Bridge due to Hurricane Sally. This overview of the bridge highlights the individual components FDOT inspectors are investigating.

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Is the Pensacola Bay Bridge open?

No, the bridge is closed to all traffic. The structure suffered severe damage on Sept. 16, 2020, after multiple barges used in the construction of the bridge escaped their moorings in the high winds and seas and struck the bridge.

Was anyone injured during the incident?

No. Once damage was identified, FDOT immediately closed the bridge to all traffic. No drivers or vehicles were affected.

How is traffic being detoured while the bridge is being repaired?

Traffic is being detoured to the Garcon Point Bridge (State Road 281) or to State Road 87 in Santa Rosa County. Maps of the detour routes can be found here.



Garcon Point Bridge Detour 

PBB - Detour Graphic 2

How do I travel from Pensacola to Gulf Breeze or Pensacola Beach? 

  • Travel north on I-110 to I-10 eastbound.
  • Take I-10 eastbound to Exit 22 (Avalon Boulevard/State Road 281).
  • Travel south on S.R. 281, cross the Garcon Point Bridge, and continue to U.S. 98.
  • Travel west on U.S. 98 to Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach.


PBB - Detour Graphic 3

How do I travel from Gulf Breeze or Pensacola Beach to Pensacola? 

  • Take U.S. 98 eastbound to State Road 281.
  • Travel north on State Road 281.
  • Continue north on S.R. 281, crossing the bay via the Garcon Point Bridge.
  • At I-10, turn west to Pensacola.



State Road 87 Detour

PBB - Turn by turn directions for SR 87 No. 1 092120 Revision 0

How do I travel from U.S.98 to I-10 using State Road 87?

  • Travel U.S. 98 to State Road 87 in Navarre
  • Go north on State Road 87 to I-10
  • Go west on I-10 to Pensacola

PBB - Turn by turn directions for SR 87 No. 2 092120 Revision 0

From I-10 to U.S. 98, using State Road 87

  • Take I-10, Exit 31 (State Road 87) south.
  • Continue south on State Road 87 to U.S. 98 in Navarre
  • Travel west on U.S. 98 to Gulf Breeze to Pensacola Beach



Is there a toll on the Garcon Point Bridge?

Currently, the toll suspension on the bridge remains until 6 a.m. Friday, October 23, 2020.

Who is working on inspecting, evaluating, and repairing the bridge?

FDOT has compiled a statewide team of bridge engineering experts to inspect, evaluate, and repair the bridge.

Are there any restrictions on marine traffic?

Yes. The area around bridge repair/construction activities will continue to be an active construction zone. The U.S. Coast Guard has established a 500-yard buffer zone around ALL bridge construction activities. Only low or idle speeds may be used within the buffer zone. Crossing beneath the bridge is restricted to the center navigational channel that is delineated by the bridge arch.

Is the multiuse path open for bicyclists and pedestrians?

No. Bridge damage and subsequent repair activities require closure of the multiuse path. As is the case with vehicular traffic, there are currently no provisions for pedestrians or bicyclists.

How is the Pensacola Bay Bridge constructed?

Constructing the new Pensacola Bay Bridge involves an iterative process that begins with crews driving concrete piles into the bay floor. The piles provide the foundation for the structure. Atop the piles, crews install what is known as trophy pieces, which are concrete structures consisting of a footer, a column, and a cap in a single unit. They’re called trophy pieces because when they are placed in an upright position they resemble an athletic trophy. Once the trophy piece is in place atop the piles they constitute a bridge pier.

 Each of the pier locations are connected horizontally using concrete girders, which are also sometimes referred to as beams. The concrete bridge decks are then cast in place atop the girders. These decks become the riding surface which vehicles use to cross the bridge.


Will the multiuse path have to be repaired before the bridge reopens to vehicles?

No. In addition to the vehicular travel lanes, the Pensacola Bay Bridge includes a 10-foot multiuse path intended for pedestrians and bicyclists. The concrete path rests on the same piers as the vehicle travel lanes, but it is not structurally connected to the bridge deck. For this reason, crews will be able to repair and reopen the bridge to vehicular traffic before finalizing repairs to the multiuse path. 


Where can I find the latest information on Pensacola Bay Bridge repair efforts?

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FDOT has compiled a statewide team of bridge engineering experts to inspect, evaluate, and repair the bridge.









Where can I find definitions of common bridge-related terminology and information on the bridge inspection process?

You may find this information here.

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