Geographic Mapping

Geographic Mapping

The Geographic Mapping Section consist of the GIS/CADD services and Image Services sections. They are responsible for the Florida Official Transportation Map (GIS/CADD section), the County General Highway Maps (GIS/CADD section) and the Aerial Photography Archive Collection (Image Services section). Other duties include creation of specialty maps for department and other governmental agency use. The GIS/CADD section also maintains the Florida Land Use, Cover and Forms Classification System.

County General Highway Maps

The County Highway Maps are a statewide series of maps depicting the general road system of each county. The maps are available in hard copy and digital format. FDOT Maps & Publications Online Store offers hard copy paper maps. Digital Maps can be downloaded from the County Maps website. The DGN files are made available for placing key maps on the title pages of FDOT plan sheet maps. They can be attached using MicroStation software. PDF files are made available for use by the general public. See copyright information below.
The County Maps are created using the State Plane Coordinate System. Click here to download a map Adobe PDF icon showing Latitude/Longitude, State Plane and UTM zone coordinate system locations within the State of Florida. The map is in PDF format (1.2mb).

Florida Official Transportation Map

Through the continued efforts of the Department and the Florida Commission on Tourism, the cost of this publication continues to be offset through the sale of commercial advertising. Paper map Adobe PDF iconis distributed primarily at the Official Florida Welcome Centers as well as service plazas on Florida's Turnpike.
Paper maps can also be ordered free of charge from VISIT FLORIDA
Interactive State Map page can be used to explore various features of Florida.

Florida Land Use, Cover and Forms Classification System (FLUCCS)

The Department of Transportation no longer maintains The FLUCCS handbook Adobe PDF icon. The most recent edition was published by Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and can be downloaded from their website.

Image Services

The Image Services section is a primary source of aerial photography and digital imagery for the Florida Department of Transportation and the State of Florida. Our Aerial Photography Archive Collection (APAC) consist of over 700,000 negatives and over 450,000 new or scanned digital images. Archive images can be obtained through the Department's Aerial Photo Look Up System (APLUS), an "easy to use" internet application for searching and downloading available imagery.

Limited Use of Copyright Protected Maps

The county general highway maps and the Official Transportation Map of Florida are copyright protected in the name of the State of Florida, Department of Transportation, and are not to be reproduced for sale or resale. The digital files are intended for use by and for governmental agencies and consultants under contract with an agency. No portion of a digital file may be reproduced and provided to any other individual. Any portion of the map reproduced must contain the credit line: Copyright for this map is registered by the State of Florida, Department of Transportation.
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