County General Highway Maps

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County General Highway Maps

    County Index Map (2 MB)                                                                                      District Index Map (1 MB)

County Color PDF File SizeDGNFile Size
AlachuaALA2013.pdf1.88 MBcs-Alachua.dgn2.2 MB
BakerBAK2015.pdf2.46 MBcs-Baker.dgn1.8 MB
BayBAY2018RAS.pdf4.16 MBcs-Bay.dgn3.1 MB
BradfordBDF2014.pdf6.36 MBcs-Bradford.dgn 3.2 MB
BrevardBRE2014.pdf4.41 MBcs-Brevard.dgn 3.8 MB
Broward  cs-Broward.dgn 13 MB
CalhounCAL2018RAS.pdf2.95 MBcs-Calhoun.dgn 2.2 MB
CharlotteCHA2017RAS.pdf4.02 MBcs-Charlotte.dgn 2.8 MB
CitrusCIT2018RAS.pdf3.27 MBcs-Citrus.dgn 4.2 MB
ClayCLY2017RAS.pdf2.97 MBcs-Clay.dgn2.6 MB
CollierCOL2019RAF.pdf 7.03 MBcs-Collier.dgn 10 MB
ColumbiaCLB2019RAS.pdf3.96 MBcs-Columbia.dgn 2.4 MB
De SotoDES2014.pdf2.72 MBcs-Desoto.dgn 2.1 MB
DixieDIX2017RAS.pdf3.24 MBcs-Dixie.dgn 6.5 MB
Duval  cs-Duval.dgn 3.9 MB
EscambiaECS2017RAS.pdf6.29 MBcs-Escambia.dgn 6.1 MB
FlaglerFLG2015.pdf4.39 MBcs-Flagler.dgn 2.7 MB
FranklinFRA2019RAS.pdf3.13 MBcs-Franklin.dgn2.2 MB
GadsdenGAD2014.pdf1.73 MBcs-Gadsden.dgn 1.9 MB
GilchristGIL2015.pdf2.14 MBcs-Gilchrist.dgn 0.8 MB
GladesGLA2019RAS.pdf3.87 MBcs-Glades.dgn 2.9 MB
GulfGUL2017RAS.pdf2.86 MBcs-Gulf.dgn1.6 MB
HamiltonHAM2019RAS.pdf3.48 MBcs-Hamilton.dgn1.9 MB
HardeeHAR2014.pdf2.42 MBcs-Hardee.dgn 1.7 MB
HendryHEN2019RAS.pdf5.47 MBcs-Hendry.dgn 2.1 MB
HernandoHER2015.pdf2.92 MBcs-Hernando.dgn 2.4 MB
HighlandsHIG2013.pdf15.7 MBcs-Highlands.dgn 1.6 MB
Hillsborough  cs-Hillsborough.dgn 2.4 MB
HolmesHOL2014.pdf15.3 MBcs-Holmes.dgn 2.0 MB
Indian RiverIND2014.pdf7.44 MBcs-IndianRiver.dgn 1.5 MB
JacksonJAC2013.pdf13.1 MBcs-Jackson.dgn 3.7 MB
JeffersonJEF2019RAS.pdf2.78 MBcs-Jefferson.dgn      1.4 MB
LafayetteLAF2019RAS.pdf2.10 MBcs-Lafayette.dgn 1.8 MB
Lake  cs-Lake.dgn 4.5 MB
LeeLEE2018RAS.pdf5.52 MBcs-Lee.dgn 6.7 MB
LeonLEO2014.pdf5.75 MBcs-Leon.dgn 5.5 MB
Levy  cs-Levy.dgn 3.6 MB
LibertyLIB2019RAS.pdf4.46 MBcs-Liberty.dgn 3.4 MB
MadisonMAD2019RAS.pdf2.71 MBcs-Madison.dgn 1.7 MB
ManateeMAN2018RAS.pdf4.36 MBcs-Manatee.dgn 2.6 MB
MarionMAR2014.pdf7.68 MBcs-Marion.dgn 4.4 MB
MartinMRT2015.pdf3.58 MBcs-Martin.dgn 2.4 MB
Miami-Dade  cs-Miamidade.dgn 14 MB
Monroe W. KeysMON2014_1.pdf6.69 MBcs-Monroe1.dgn 1.8 MB
Monroe E. Keys  cs-Monroe2.dgn 2.2 MB
Monroe NW  cs-Monroe3.dgn 14 MB
NassauNAS2015.pdf3.90 MBcs-Nassau.dgn 2.4 MB
OkaloosaOKA2019RAS-rev.pdf4.95 MBcs-Okaloosa.dgn 3.5 MB
OkeechobeeOKE2014.pdf12.0 MBcs-Okeechobee.dgn 1.2 MB
OrangeORA2017RAS.pdf5.53 MBcs-Orange.dgn 3.6 MB
OsceolaOSC2018RAS.pdf6.15 MBcs-Osceola.dgn 3.2 MB
Palm Beach  cs-Palmbeach.dgn 4.1 MB
PascoPAS2016RAS.pdf22.1 MBcs-Pasco.dgn 3.3 MB
PinellasPIN2013r2014.pdf28.0 MBcs-Pinellas.dgn 1.7 MB
PolkPOL2016.pdf7.62 MBcs-Polk.dgn 5.9 MB
PutnamPUT2017RAS.pdf3.80 MBcs-Putnam.dgn 2.3 MB
Santa RosaSAN2018RAS.pdf5.42 MBcs-SantaRosa.dgn 4.2 MB
SarasotaSAR2017.pdf cs-Sarasota.dgn 2.6 MB
SeminoleSEM2015.pdf3.14 MBcs-Seminole.dgn 1.4 MB
St. JohnSTJ2014.pdf10.7 MBcs-StJohns.dgn 3.0 MB
St. LucieSTL2017.pdf cs-StLucie.dgn 1.1 MB
SumterSUM2014.pdf5.94 MBcs-Sumter.dgn 1.4 MB
SuwanneeSUW2015.pdf4.43 MBcs-Suwannee.dgn 1.0 MB
TaylorTAY2019RAS.pdf4.95 MBcs-Taylor.dgn 4.4 MB
UnionUNI2017.pdf1.89 MBcs-Union.dgn 1.0 MB 
Volusia  cs-Volusia.dgn 12 MB
WakullaWAK2019RAS.pdf4.40 MBcs-Wakulla.dgn 2.7 MB
WaltonWAL2017RAS.pdf6.27 MBcs-Walton.dgn 2.7 MB
WashingtonWAS2014.pdf9.31 MBcs-Washington.dgn 2.0 MB


Map Notes and Resources


Color PDF files can be printed in black and white.

File names with RAS suffix are flattened PDFs.

Printed Copies of the County General Highway Maps are available from the Maps Publications Office web site.

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For those who require previous versions of the MicroStation Files (black and white maps) for FDOT projects, they can be provided upon  request.

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