County General Highway Maps

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County General Highway Maps

    County Index Map (2 MB)                                                                                      District Index Map (1 MB)

County Color PDF File SizeDGNFile Size
AlachuaALA2022.pdf5.21 MBcs-Alachua.dgn2.2 MB
BakerBAK2015.pdf2.46 MBcs-Baker.dgn1.8 MB
BayBAY2022.pdf5.79 MBcs-Bay.dgn3.1 MB
BradfordBDF2014.pdf6.36 MBcs-Bradford.dgn 3.2 MB
BrevardBRE2014.pdf4.41 MBcs-Brevard.dgn 3.8 MB
BrowardBRO2022.pdf5.93 MBcs-Broward.dgn 13 MB
CalhounCAL2018RAS.pdf2.95 MBcs-Calhoun.dgn 2.2 MB
CharlotteCHA2017RAS.pdf4.02 MBcs-Charlotte.dgn 2.8 MB
CitrusCIT2018RAS.pdf3.27 MBcs-Citrus.dgn 4.2 MB
ClayCLY2017RAS.pdf2.97 MBcs-Clay.dgn2.6 MB
CollierCOL2019RAF.pdf 7.03 MBcs-Collier.dgn 10 MB
ColumbiaCLB2019RAS.pdf3.96 MBcs-Columbia.dgn 2.4 MB
De SotoDES2014.pdf2.72 MBcs-Desoto.dgn 2.1 MB
DixieDIX2017RAS.pdf3.24 MBcs-Dixie.dgn 6.5 MB
DuvalDUV2022.pdf6.90 MBcs-Duval.dgn 3.9 MB
EscambiaECS2017RAS.pdf6.29 MBcs-Escambia.dgn 6.1 MB
FlaglerFLG2015.pdf4.39 MBcs-Flagler.dgn 2.7 MB
FranklinFRA2019RAS.pdf3.13 MBcs-Franklin.dgn2.2 MB
GadsdenGAD2014.pdf1.73 MBcs-Gadsden.dgn 1.9 MB
GilchristGIL2015.pdf2.14 MBcs-Gilchrist.dgn 0.8 MB
GladesGLA2019RAS.pdf3.87 MBcs-Glades.dgn 2.9 MB
GulfGUL2017RAS.pdf2.86 MBcs-Gulf.dgn1.6 MB
HamiltonHAM2019RAS.pdf3.48 MBcs-Hamilton.dgn1.9 MB
HardeeHAR2014.pdf2.42 MBcs-Hardee.dgn 1.7 MB
HendryHEN2019RAS.pdf5.47 MBcs-Hendry.dgn 2.1 MB
HernandoHER2015.pdf2.92 MBcs-Hernando.dgn 2.4 MB
HighlandsHIG2013.pdf15.7 MBcs-Highlands.dgn 1.6 MB
HillsboroughHIL2022.pdf8.82 MBcs-Hillsborough.dgn 2.4 MB
HolmesHOL2014.pdf15.3 MBcs-Holmes.dgn 2.0 MB
Indian RiverIND2014.pdf7.44 MBcs-IndianRiver.dgn 1.5 MB
JacksonJAC2013.pdf13.1 MBcs-Jackson.dgn 3.7 MB
JeffersonJEF2019RAS.pdf2.78 MBcs-Jefferson.dgn      1.4 MB
LafayetteLAF2019RAS.pdf2.10 MBcs-Lafayette.dgn 1.8 MB
LakeLAK2022.pdf6.00 MBcs-Lake.dgn 4.5 MB
LeeLEE2018RAS.pdf5.52 MBcs-Lee.dgn 6.7 MB
LeonLEO2014.pdf5.75 MBcs-Leon.dgn 5.5 MB
LevyLEV2022.PDF4.11 MBcs-Levy.dgn 3.6 MB
LibertyLIB2019RAS.pdf4.46 MBcs-Liberty.dgn 3.4 MB
MadisonMAD2019RAS.pdf2.71 MBcs-Madison.dgn 1.7 MB
ManateeMAN2018RAS.pdf4.36 MBcs-Manatee.dgn 2.6 MB
MarionMAR2014.pdf7.68 MBcs-Marion.dgn 4.4 MB
MartinMRT2015.pdf3.58 MBcs-Martin.dgn 2.4 MB
Miami-DadeMIA2022.pdf8.55 MBcs-Miamidade.dgn 14 MB
Monroe W. KeysMON2023s.pdf3.80 MBcs-Monroe1.dgn 1.8 MB
Monroe E. KeysMON2023e.pdf2.91 MBcs-Monroe2.dgn 2.2 MB
Monroe NorthMON2023n.pdf4.33 MBcs-Monroe3.dgn 14 MB
NassauNAS2015.pdf3.90 MBcs-Nassau.dgn 2.4 MB
OkaloosaOKA2019RAS-rev.pdf4.95 MBcs-Okaloosa.dgn 3.5 MB
OkeechobeeOKE2014.pdf12.0 MBcs-Okeechobee.dgn 1.2 MB
OrangeORA2017RAS.pdf5.53 MBcs-Orange.dgn 3.6 MB
OsceolaOSC2018RAS.pdf6.15 MBcs-Osceola.dgn 3.2 MB
Palm BeachPAL2022.pdf6.49 MBcs-Palmbeach.dgn 4.1 MB
PascoPAS2016RAS.pdf22.1 MBcs-Pasco.dgn 3.3 MB
PinellasPIN2013r2014.pdf28.0 MBcs-Pinellas.dgn 1.7 MB
PolkPOL2016.pdf7.62 MBcs-Polk.dgn 5.9 MB
PutnamPUT2017RAS.pdf3.80 MBcs-Putnam.dgn 2.3 MB
Santa RosaSAN2018RAS.pdf5.42 MBcs-SantaRosa.dgn 4.2 MB
SarasotaSAR2022.pdf4.82 MBcs-Sarasota.dgn 2.6 MB
SeminoleSEM2015.pdf3.14 MBcs-Seminole.dgn 1.4 MB
St. JohnSTJ2014.pdf10.7 MBcs-StJohns.dgn 3.0 MB
St. LucieSTL2017.pdf cs-StLucie.dgn 1.1 MB
SumterSUM2014.pdf5.94 MBcs-Sumter.dgn 1.4 MB
SuwanneeSUW2015.pdf4.43 MBcs-Suwannee.dgn 1.0 MB
TaylorTAY2019RAS.pdf4.95 MBcs-Taylor.dgn 4.4 MB
UnionUNI2017.pdf1.89 MBcs-Union.dgn 1.0 MB 
VolusiaVOL20226.95 MBcs-Volusia.dgn 12 MB
WakullaWAK2019RAS.pdf4.40 MBcs-Wakulla.dgn 2.7 MB
WaltonWAL2022.pdf6.27 MBcs-Walton.dgn 2.7 MB
WashingtonWAS2014.pdf9.31 MBcs-Washington.dgn 2.0 MB


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