Public Transit Office

    Elizabeth Stutts, State Transit Manager

This functional area includes guidance on the subject of technical innovations including Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Automatic Passenger Counters, Automatic Vehicle Location, Fare Collection Systems, Travel Information Systems, Transit Boarding Estimation and Simulation (TBEST), and modeling of intermodal transportation systems using the Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model (FSUTMS).



FDOT TNC-PTA partnership FINAL This recently completed research provides FDOT with a state and national scan of TNC and Transit Agency relationships concerning TNC-contracted services. Understanding the motivations for agencies to contract with TNCs, understanding effective data contracting terms and performance measurements potentially enables agencies to have better outcomes as they explore on-demand options. In addition to the final report, contract data and performance measurement templates are available as research products.

Performance Measure Document

Sample Contract Data Reporting

Non Motorized Transit Report

Transit Technology Assessment Framework Tool 2020 (This tool is not an FDOT endorsement or approval of any vendors, providers or products contained in the tool. It is for informational use only.)    

Transit Technology Primer  

Mobileye Evaluation Final Report October 2019   

2018 Mobile Fare Payment Phase II Implementation Final Report 

2018 Mobile Fare Payment Phase II Implementation Appendices 

2016 Assessment of Mobile Fare Payment Technology for Future Deployment in Florida 

Transit Boarding Estimation and Simulation (TBEST)