The Production Support Office provides a consistent and uniform process for executing the Value Engineering (VE) Program during the development of a project.

Value Engineering (VE) is the systematic application of function-oriented techniques by a multi-disciplined team to analyze and improve the value of a product, facility, system, or service. Our office provides direction and technical assistance to the Districts in the administration of the VE program.

VE Annual Reports

2017/2018 Annual Report       
2016/2017 Annual Report
2015/2016 Annual Report
2014/2015 Annual Report
2013/2014 Annual Report
2012/2013 Annual Report
2011/2012 Annual Report
2010/2011 Annual Report
2009/2010 Annual Report
2008/2009 Annual Report
2007/2008 Annual Report
2006/2007 Annual Report
2005/2006 Annual Report

VE Process Maps

Conduct Study
Project Selection
Recommendation Resolution
Team Selection
Value Engineering Program

VE Contacts

Central Office Kurt Lieblong (850) 414-4787
District 1 John Nelson (863) 519-2715
District 2 Bobbi Goss (386) 758-3769
District 3 Keith Hinson (850) 330-1547
District 4 Eugene Khashper (954)-777-4128
District 5 Ashraf Elmaghraby (386)-943-5645
District 6 Calvin Mason (305)-470-5386
District 7 Frank Chupka (813) 975-6162
Turnpike Rax Jung (407)-264-3870
Turnpike Stephanie Sharp (407) 264-3038