Standard Plans - FY 2022-23 Errata

The Standard Plans website have been replaced by new PDFs containing the Errata listed below. The only required action by the user is to replace any personal hard copies of these affected Sheets printed prior to the Errata Date. 

Last updated: 07/13/2022


Errata for Road Construction

Index RedlineSheetsErrata DateIndex TitleDescription
102-6007 of 1112/21/21General Information for Traffic Control Through Work Zones Clarified Notes in the MANHOLES/CROSSWALKS/JOINTS detail
102-603All07/13/22Two-Lane, Two-Way Work Within The Travel WayChanged the Shoulder Taper from L/3 to 25'-50'.
102-6061 of 107/13/22Two-Lane Roadway, Lane Closure Using Temporary Traffic SignalsChanged the Shoulder Taper from L/3 to 25'-50'.
102-6131-4 of 512/16/21Multilane Roadway, Lane Closures  Sheet 1: Corrected the "Right Shoulder Closed" sign label and Notes 3 and 5.                Sheets 2-4:  Corrected the "Right Shoulder Closed" sign label.
102-6153 of 501/05/22Multilane Roadway, Intersection Work Corrected the R3-7L Sign in the LEFT LANE CLOSED ON FAR SIDE OF   INTERSECTION TURNING MOVEMENTS ALLOWED detail to read "Left Lane   Must Turn Left" 
102-6201 of 201/19/22Multilane Roadway, Temporary Diversion Corrected the Temporary Barrier Call Out. 
102-6282-3 of 312/16/21Two-Way Left-Turn Lanes Corrected the "Right Shoulder Closed" sign label.
350-0011 of 406/02/22Concrete Pavement JointsAdded Groove to the BUTT CONSTRUCTION JOINT details; Added Dimensions to the CONTRACTION JOINT (Sawed Method) detail.
425-05210 of 1412/10/21Ditch Bottom Inlets Type C, D, E, and H Corrected Table 10; Deleted Note 1
425-05214 of 1403/30/222Ditch Bottom Inlets Type C, D, E, and HCorrected Table 13 - Slab Thickness
521-6111 of 411/15/21Concrete Barrier/Junction Slab-Wall Coping (FRP) Added reference to Index 630-010 for conduit information.
522-0011 of 203/09/23Concrete SidewalkCorrected the dimension in the OPEN AND SAWED JOINTS.
700-0103 of 1005/04/22 Single Column Ground SignsCorrected the Concrete Class in the FOUNDATION TABLE.
700-0201 of 305/04/22 Multi-Column Ground SignCorrected the Concrete Class in GENERAL NOTE 1.3.F.
700-0901 of 503/16/22Dynamic Message Sign Walk-InCorrected Note 5.A.b ASTM reference.
700-1011 of 112/10/21Typical Sections for Placement of Single and Multi-Column Signs Deleted the asterisks and the lower sign detail and numbered the notes in CASE VIII.
706-0013-4 of 601/05/22Typical Placement of Raised Pavement Markings

 Sheet 3: Clarified Title to read "RPM ORIENTATION DETAIL" and clarified the     callout to read "Type "E" Curb Shown".                                                                                    Sheet 4: Clarified the callout for the Traffic Separator Nose in DETAIL "I".

711-0031 of 803/09/23Interchange MarkingsCorrected the 6" White (3'-9") pavement marking in the TAPER-TYPE ENTRANCE detail.
830-T012 of 212/22/21Railroad (Grade) CrossingClarified the "3" Max." dimension in the VERTICAL ROADWAY ALIGNMENT THROUGH A RAILROAD CROSSING detail.



Errata for Bridge Construction