Standard Plans - FY 2023-24 Errata

The Standard Plans Indexes on the website have been updated to contain the Errata listed below.  The only action required by the user is to replace any copies of affected sheets (listed below) that were downloaded prior to the Errata Date. 

Last updated: 05/15/2024


Errata for Road Construction

Index RedlineSheetsErrata DateIndex TitleDescription
000-5252 of 505/09/2023Ramp TerminalsCorrected dimension in the THREE THRU LANES-APPROACH AUXILIARY LANE detail.
102-1102 of 1702/14/2023Type K Temporary Concrete Barrier SystemReverted to the previous BOLTED INSTALLATION NOTES.
102-600QRG1 of 211/20/23Quick Reference Sheets: 120 Series TablesCorrected Table 2- Changed 4ft width example “L” values for 45mph and greater.
102-6153 of 512/20/2022Multilane Roadway, Intersection WorkReverted Note 1 to previous release.
102-6151 and 3 of 503/04/2024Multilane Roadway, Intersection WorkSheet 1: Corrected the W4-2 sign .
Sheet 3: Corrected the W4-2 sign in both details.
102-6602 of 202/21/2023Sidewalk ClosureCorrected the Pedestrian Longitudinal Channelizing Device line work due to printing error.
110-2002 of 304/11/2023MailboxesCorrected missing callout in the FLANGED CHANNEL detail due to printing error.
120-0011 of 312/20/2022Embankment UtilizationAdded Detail due to printing error.
430-0215 of 604/11/2023Cross Drain Mitered End SectionCorrected "Rise" and "Span" notation in Table 2.
430-0225 of 704/11/2023Side Drain Mitered End SectionCorrected "Rise" and "Span" notation in the table.
430-0303 and 4 of 402/15/2023 Straight Concrete Endwalls-Single   Multiple PipeSheet 3: Corrected dimension reference in Note 1.
Sheet 4:  Correct reference in the Legend and the dimension in the SKEWED PIPE PLAN detail.
430-0902 of 312/20/2022Safety Modifications for EndwallsAdded Detail due to printing error.
521-6501 of 311/30/2022Light Pole Pedestal - Wall CopingCorrected Table 1 (Double asterisk on the  160mph/50ft note reference); Corrected callout print error.
524-0011 of 312/14/2023Ditch Pavement and SoddingCorrected dimension in the 40' MEDIAN and ROADWAY SITE DITCH details.
546-0201 of 212/20/2022Ground-In Rumble Strips-Arterials and CollectorsAdded Note 3 and reference to Table 1.
659-0101 of 112/20/2022Span Wire Mounted Sign DetailsCorrected the Min. Clearance dimension in the TYPICAL INSTALLATION detail.
700-0101 of 1105/15/2024Single Column Ground SignsClarified Notes.
700-0111 of 205/15/2024Single Column Cantilever Ground Mounted SignClarified Notes.
700-0121 of 305/15/2024Single Post Sign Support Barrier Side-MountedClarified Notes.
700-0131 of 205/15/2024Single Post Sign Support Barrier Top-MountedClarified Notes.
700-0201 and 3 of 305/15/2024Multi-Column Ground SignSheet 1: Clarified Notes.
Sheet 3: Fixed callout in Detail 'B
700-0301 of 105/15/2024Wind and Hanger Beams for Overhead SignsClarified Notes.
700-0312 of 205/15/2024External Lighting for SignsClarified Notes.
700-0401 of 505/15/2024Cantilever Sign StructureClarified Notes.
700-0411 of 505/15/2024Span Sign StructureClarified Notes.
700-0901 of 505/15/2024Dynamic Message Sign Walk-InClarified Notes.
700-0911 of 305/15/2024Catwalk DetailsClarified Notes.
700-1101 of 105/15/2024Mounting Exit Number Panels to SignsClarified Notes.
706-0012 of 606/08/2023Typical Placement of Raised Pavement MarkingsUpdated RPM's on Wrong-Way Arrow.
711-0021 of 202/14/2023Bicycle MarkingsCorrected dimensions due to printing error.
711-0031 of 812/20/2022Interchange MarkingsAdded General Notes due to printing error.
715-0029 of 906/21/2023Standard Aluminum LightingCorrected dimensions in Bar 5W and 5R due to printing error.



Errata for Bridge Construction

400-0901 of 201/10/2023Approach Slabs (30 FT.) (Flexible Pavement Approaches)Corrected "Optional Base" reference to "See Note 10" in the Section A-A detail.
455-0031 of 109/13/23Square Prestressed Concrete Piles - EDC InstrumentationCorrected detail to show the hidden line of the internal vent tube for the pile void venting based on venting required as shown in Standard 455-031.
460-2511 of 104/14/2023Access Hatch Assembly For Concrete Box SectionsCorrected notes, line work, and dimensions due to print error.
471-0303 of 704/14/2023Fender System Prestressed Concrete Piles & FRP WalesCorrected notes and dimensions due to print error.
510-0012 of 211/02/2023Navigation Light System Details (Fixed Bridges)Corrected the EJB location; shifted the EJB to align with the back of the traffic railing.
550-0131 of 301/11/2023Bridge Fencing (Over Railroad)Reverted to last year’s detail to correct a printing error.