Welcome to Design Innovation

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) continually strives to enhance all areas of its operations. In support of these efforts, the
department recently moved into a bold new era for innovative ideas, research and accelerated implementation. Success will depend on our
ability to carefully evaluate or implement the products and services provided to the users of Florida's transportation system. Our goal is
to utilize newly developed technology or employ creative thinking to generate greater value for every transportation dollar invested.

Structures Design Office

Contact: Steven Nolan, P.E.   Phone: (850) 414-4272

Roadway Design Office

Contact: Derwood Sheppard, P.E.   Phone: (850) 414-4334

FDOT Transportation Innovation Challenge:

The Department invites you to share your thoughts on ways we can challenge
ourselves to be innovative, efficient and exceptional at our Invitation to Innovation Website...

About Our Office:

After researching and evaluating many innovative ideas, the Central Office has developed a list of concepts, products and services that may be the best solution to the project's needs or design challenges. Some items on the list are completely developed, and only need tailoring to your project. We encourage you to propose one or more of these innovations for project specific solutions with confidence of approval by the Districts. Other items are not fully detailed and will require coordination with and approval by the District's Design Office. Many of these innovations have been successfully implemented in other states and countries. Not all projects benefit from these innovations and the Department is not advocating the general use of new products or designs where an economical well proven solution exists and is the most appropriate solution for the situation.