Instructions to use Bid Express


Unless otherwise stipulated in the proposal description, bids for all projects must be submitted using Bid Express only.  No other means of submission of bids will be accepted.




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Bid Express is an online information service for transportation bidding provided by, an Info Tech company. Bid Express is available on the Internet at Bid Express is a two-way service: publishing bid-related information from state transportation agencies to the contracting community, and allowing online, secure bid submission from the contracting community to the state transportation agency. Bid Express also enables electronic bid bond verification.

Instructions to use Bid Express            

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AASHTOWare Project Bids�
Beginning with the September 2017 Lettings, FDOT will be using the AASHTOWare Project Bids� software instead of Expedite�.  You will need to contact Bid Express and obtain a new Digital ID to use the new software.  If you already have a digital ID for Expedite, there will be no charge for this.  Please click on the link below for further information about the steps needed to convert to the new software:  New Bidding Software for FDOT 
AASHTOWare Project Bids� software can be downloaded from BidX.come home page at:


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InSure Vision Technologies is the developer of the SurePath Network, a web-based surety bond processing system.


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Welcome to the Surety 2000 Insurance Document Management System. This is a Web-based administration tool used to execute and view approved Insurance Documents from remote locations.