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Get everything you need for bidding FDOT road jobs using Bid Express!

Bid Express helps manage the challenges of bidding as prime by consolidating bidding information and communications.

With a Bid Express subscription, you can:

  • get all FDOT proposal and amendment files
  • calculate error-free bids
  • save time attributed to human errors and miscommunication
  • save money lost to letting day travel costs
  • submit your bid securely over the Internet
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The Basic Service

You can immediately proceed to FDOT letting information upon completion of your subscription request. A basic account includes access to FDOT bid files, free software used to calculate bids (Expedite Bid) and many useful bid preparation tools. The Bid Express Basic Service allows you to:

  • Quickly find data with the Search function
  • Access data from all Bid Express member states
  • Automatically be alerted to errors/omissions during bid submission
  • Easily create sub quote forms
  • Access on-line bid-bond verification (via participating surety agencies)
  • View real-time bid results
  • View line-item bid results
  • Access optional add-on services from Bid Express

Internet Bidding

Attending bid lettings in person can be expensive in travel costs and time spent away from the office. Internet bidding with Bid Express allows you to submit your bids on-line so you never need to leave the office. With Internet bidding, you can:

  • Submit a bid that is held in an electronic lockbox until the bid opening
  • Update or withdraw a bid up until the bid opening deadline
  • Verify bid bonds electronically via participating surety agencies
  • Make bidding truly paperless

Bid Tab Analysis

You can further enhance your Bid Express subscription by adding the optional Bid Tab Analysis service. The Bid Tab Analysis service provides enhanced analysis of past bid information so you can prepare more competitive bids. With this service, you can:

  • View past bid prices and low, average, and high prices for items
  • View prices in a variety of formats, including by proposal, items, and contractor
  • Perform many different analyses quickly and easily
  • Access bid tabs data from any Bid Express member state
  • Prepare more competitive bids

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