Tutorial Program

This tutorial program offers a "Grouting of Bridge Post-tensioning Tendons" tutorial, copies of which can be obtained through the FDOT Maps and Publications Office, and two Internet based foundation construction tutorials, all of which are listed below.  All construction engineering and inspection personnel that manage the inspection of, or directly inspect grouting operations are required to take the grouting tutorial and pass an examination covering the information.  The examination is handled by multiple training providers CTQP Providers.  The grading of the examination and posting of the results is administered by the Construction Training and Qualification Program CTQP administrator Red Vector Inc. Contact any of the CTQP Providers to arrange to take an examination.

The Foundation construction tutorials are Internet based and may be accessed by clicking on the links below.  These tutorials are a prerequisite and must be successfully completed before inspectors are eligible to take the FDOT Pile Driving Inspector's Qualification Course or the FDOT Drilled Shaft Inspector's Qualification Course.  Applicants for the Qualification courses must certify on their course application that they have successfully completed the prerequisite tutorial.

Grouting of Bridge Post-Tensioning Tendons: This tutorial is in the form of a video (approximately 45 minutes) with corresponding hard copy training manual (in color) both of which can be obtained from the FDOT District Construction Training Engineer for CEI personnel, or from the FDOT Maps and Publications) office (Video - $3.75, Manual - $7.50).  The manual may also be viewed or printed off directly from the internet by clicking here. Grouting Manual (PDF File, 1453kb)

Driven Pile Tutorial: The Driven Pile tutorial must be accessed on the Internet and should take one to four hours to complete depending on the experience level.

Laptop Pile Driving Tutorial:  The PDA Pile Driving Tutorial must be downloaded to your local hard drive and will take one to two hours to complete, depending on experience level.  Please click the hyperlink above and select the Save option to download the executable file to your computer.  If you need additional instructions for accessing the files, please click on the link below for more information.
                                                     Download Instructions

Drilled Shaft Tutorial: The Drilled Shaft tutorial must be accessed on the Internet and should take students from one to four hours to complete depending on experience level.

For more Information, please contact:
Susan Robeson - State Construction Training Administrator
850-414-4492 or email: Susan Robeson