The Department’s Construction Training Qualification Program (CTQP) is administered through the State Construction Office’s Training Office.  The State Construction Training Office relies heavily on the nine District Construction Training Administrators (DCTAs) to carry out the Department’s various construction training and qualification programs.  A list containing street addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for the construction training staff may be found by using your mouse to click on the acronym “DCTAs” anywhere in this text.

The DOT Construction Training Office issues qualifications in various specialty areas. 


Details about the Aggregates, Asphalt, Concrete, Earthwork, Pile Driving, Drilled Shaft and Quality Management specialty areas are discussed in the Construction Training and Qualification Manual


The FDOT employs a consultant to act as the CTQP Administrator in maintaining the FDOT’s CTQP Trainee, Provider, Instructor and Proctor records. The CTQP Administrator’s website contains links to check a trainees current qualifications and to contact CTQP course Providers.

If you would like to view the schedule of classes with associated fees, use your mouse to click on the letters “CTQP” anywhere in this text. 

If you are an FDOT employee and would like to take one of these courses, you must contact your respective DCTA .

NON-FDOT employees may go to the CTQP Administrator’s website to for contact, price and schedule information on CTQP courses being offered.

 For more Information, please contact:
Susan Robeson - State Construction Training Administrator