DCE Memos - 2008

Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.
 DCE Memo's 2008
25-08Specification Change for Section 334 - Superpave Asphalt Concrete
24-08Specification Change for Architectural Pavers
23-08Changes to Logging Samples into LIMS
22-082008 Hurricane Impacts
21-08Substitution of Type Q Epoxy for Type F-2 Epoxy in Florida U Beams
20-08Index No. 860 Aluminum Pedestrian/Bicycle Picket Railing - Picket Weld Connections
19-08Changes to Index 11200, 11300 & 11860
18-08Correction to Index 11860
17-08Revision to Testing Protocol for Section 948, Class II High Density Polyethylene Pipe
16-08Placement of Detectable Warnings
15-08Change in Bolting Criteria for Structures Governed by Spec Sections 649 & 700
14-08Clarification of Use of Compressive Strength Results to Determine Form Removal
13-08Revision to Specification Section 4 - Scope of the Work
12-08Idle Asphalt Plants
11-08Lake Belt Impacts
10-08Guidelines for Changing the Binder Type in Friction Course Mixtures from Asphalt Rubber to Polymer Modified
09-08Requirement for Products Listed on the QPL to be Manufactured by a Qualified Producer
08-08Use of Palm Beach Aggregates in FC-5 Mixtures
07-08Modified Density & Compaction Requirements for 1" Thick Lifts of SP-9.5 & FC-9.5 Superpave Mixtures
06-08Qualified Products for Structural Coatings REVISED
05-08Project Information Sign
04-08Polymer Laminated Stay-In-Place Metal Bridge Deck Forms
03-08Substituting Higher Strength Concrete for Lower Strength Concrete & Structural Concrete for Non-Structural Concrete
02-08Use of Steady Burn Lights on Temporary Traffic Control Devices
01-08Acceptance Testing for Pavement Smoothness by Laser Profile
(Replaces DCE Memo 14-04)
 Construction Training Memo's 2008
01-08Qualification Changes for Aggregate Technician Training