Memos - 2000

Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.



<align="left">DCE Memos 2000</align="left">Number
Guardrail, ET - 2000 Plus Extruder Head (pdf file 6.6kb)36-00
Use of RAP Material in Roadway Construction MB 1-00 (pdf file 11.6kb)35-00
Implementation of Revised Friction Course Limits (on Shoulders of Limited Access Facilities) (pdf file 196.1kb) 34-00
Contingency Work Orders Not To Be Used For Claims (pdf file 5.3kb)33-00
Maintenance of Traffic Training (pdf file 6.5kb)32-00
Motorist Awareness System (MAS) Guidelines for Implementation by Construction (pdf file 284.2kb) 31-00
Post-Tensioning Grouts (pdf file 6.3kb)30-00
Community Awareness Guidelines with attachments (pdf file 15.7kb)29-00
Guidelines for Cross Slope Control of Pavement (pdf file 7.1kb)28-00
Test Project for Smoothness Specification (pdf file 8.6kb)27-00
J. J. Hooks Connected Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall (pdf file 5.3kb) 26-00
Original Monthly Certification of Payment to Subcontractors (pdf file 5.1kb) 25-00
Missing Concrete Cylinders (pdf file 4.9kb)24-00
Selection of Temporary Crash Cushions (Attenuators) (pdf file 13.4kb)23-00
CPAM - Chapter 6 Annual Review Proposed Revisions (pdf file 4.9kb)22-00
Notice of Intent to Suspend Pre-qualification Letters and Overpayment Checks - with attachments (pdf file 38kb) 21-00
Notice of Intent to Suspend Letters and Suspension Letters for Surety Companies with attachments (pdf file 22.1kb) 20-00
"Avoidable" Costs/Codes Related to Contract Changes and Premium Costs           (pdf file 16.2kb) 19-00
Changes to Index No. 400 On Active Contracts (pdf file 7.4kb)18-00
Superpave Short Training Course for Construction Personnel - May 23, 2000 - Tallahassee (pdf file 5.6kb) 17-00
Revised Spec - Minor Defect Repair Process (pdf file 25.4kb)16-00
QA Review Proposed for April - June 2000 (pdf file 4.7kb)15-00
False Certification (pdf file 6kb)14-00
CPAM Proposed Revisions - Chapter 10 and Miscellaneous Revisions (pdf file 7.5kb)13-00
2000 Outstanding Project Awards (pdf file 14kb)12-00
Mandatory Qualification Requirements (pdf file 6.3kb)11-00
ATTACHMENT for QC 2000 Asphalt Training, Asphalt Paving (pdf file 50.7kb)10-AA
QC 2000 Asphalt Training, Asphalt Paving (pdf file 4.4kb)10-00
Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations in Construction Areas with attachment    (pdf file 9.9kb) 09-00
Asphalt Plant Technicians Perform The Maximum Specific Gravity (Rice) Test        (pdf file 7.1kb) 08-00
Guardrail End Terminal Types: Regent, Fleat-360, SRT 350 8 Post with attachments (pdf file 8.5kb) 07-00
Payment On Fuel & Bituminous Adjustments (pdf file 5kb)06-00
Construction Document Management System and Consultant CEI (pdf file 5.7kb) 05-00
23rd Annual Asphalt Conference Minutes (pdf file 45.3kb)04-00a
1999 23rd Annual Asphalt Construction Conference Minutes (pdf file 4.9kb)04-00
Federal Aid Project Administration - New Exemption Agreement (pdf file 9.8kb) 03-00
MOT Crash Reports (pdf file 6.2kb)02-00
CPAM REVISION, CHAPTER 3 (pdf file 5.1kb)01-00


<align="left">DFE Memo's for 2000</align="left">

Memo Number

Notice of Intent To Suspend Letters and Suspension Letters (pdf file 6.9kb)


<align="left">DOP Memo's for 2000</align="left">

Memo Number

Contractor's Past Performance Rating (pdf file 60.5kb)05-00
State Arbitration Board (pdf file 4.9kb)04-00
Revised Core Process Flow Chart (Deliver) (pdf file 7.6kb) 03-00
Final Estimate Performance Measure Report (pdf file 60.6kb) 02-00
Consultant CEI Costs Task Team Report (pdf file 46.4kb)01-00