Construction Memos and Bulletins expire at the end of the calendar year in which they are issued, unless they are listed under the current memos.



DCE Memos 2000Number
Guardrail, ET - 2000 Plus Extruder Head (pdf file 6.6kb)36-00
Use of RAP Material in Roadway Construction MB 1-00 (pdf file 11.6kb)35-00
Implementation of Revised Friction Course Limits (on Shoulders of Limited Access Facilities) (pdf file 196.1kb)34-00
Contingency Work Orders Not To Be Used For Claims (pdf file 5.3kb)33-00
Maintenance of Traffic Training (pdf file 6.5kb)32-00
Motorist Awareness System (MAS) Guidelines for Implementation by Construction (pdf file 284.2kb)31-00
Post-Tensioning Grouts (pdf file 6.3kb)30-00
Community Awareness Guidelines with attachments (pdf file 15.7kb)29-00
Guidelines for Cross Slope Control of Pavement (pdf file 7.1kb)28-00
Test Project for Smoothness Specification (pdf file 8.6kb)27-00
J. J. Hooks Connected Temporary Concrete Barrier Wall (pdf file 5.3kb) 26-00
Original Monthly Certification of Payment to Subcontractors (pdf file 5.1kb)25-00
Missing Concrete Cylinders (pdf file 4.9kb)24-00
Selection of Temporary Crash Cushions (Attenuators) (pdf file 13.4kb)23-00
CPAM - Chapter 6 Annual Review Proposed Revisions (pdf file 4.9kb)22-00
Notice of Intent to Suspend Pre-qualification Letters and Overpayment Checks - with attachments (pdf file 38kb)21-00
Notice of Intent to Suspend Letters and Suspension Letters for Surety Companies with attachments (pdf file 22.1kb)20-00
"Avoidable" Costs/Codes Related to Contract Changes and Premium Costs           (pdf file 16.2kb)19-00
Changes to Index No. 400 On Active Contracts (pdf file 7.4kb)18-00
Superpave Short Training Course for Construction Personnel - May 23, 2000 - Tallahassee (pdf file 5.6kb)17-00
Revised Spec - Minor Defect Repair Process (pdf file 25.4kb)16-00
QA Review Proposed for April - June 2000 (pdf file 4.7kb)15-00
False Certification (pdf file 6kb)14-00
CPAM Proposed Revisions - Chapter 10 and Miscellaneous Revisions (pdf file 7.5kb)13-00
2000 Outstanding Project Awards (pdf file 14kb)12-00
Mandatory Qualification Requirements (pdf file 6.3kb)11-00
ATTACHMENT for QC 2000 Asphalt Training, Asphalt Paving (pdf file 50.7kb)10-AA
QC 2000 Asphalt Training, Asphalt Paving (pdf file 4.4kb)10-00
Pedestrian and Bicycle Accommodations in Construction Areas with attachment    (pdf file 9.9kb)09-00
Asphalt Plant Technicians Perform The Maximum Specific Gravity (Rice) Test        (pdf file 7.1kb)08-00
Guardrail End Terminal Types: Regent, Fleat-360, SRT 350 8 Post with attachments (pdf file 8.5kb)07-00
Payment On Fuel & Bituminous Adjustments (pdf file 5kb)06-00
Construction Document Management System and Consultant CEI (pdf file 5.7kb)05-00
23rd Annual Asphalt Conference Minutes (pdf file 45.3kb)04-00a
1999 23rd Annual Asphalt Construction Conference Minutes (pdf file 4.9kb)04-00
Federal Aid Project Administration - New Exemption Agreement (pdf file 9.8kb)03-00
MOT Crash Reports (pdf file 6.2kb)02-00
CPAM REVISION, CHAPTER 3 (pdf file 5.1kb)01-00


DFE Memo's for 2000

Memo Number

Notice of Intent To Suspend Letters and Suspension Letters (pdf file 6.9kb)



DOP Memo's for 2000

Memo Number

Contractor's Past Performance Rating (pdf file 60.5kb)05-00
State Arbitration Board (pdf file 4.9kb)04-00
Revised Core Process Flow Chart (Deliver) (pdf file 7.6kb)03-00
Final Estimate Performance Measure Report (pdf file 60.6kb)02-00
Consultant CEI Costs Task Team Report (pdf file 46.4kb)01-00