Construction Project Administration Manual
CPAM - Procedure 700-000-000

Chapter Title Revised Contact Person Last Review
 Cover Sheet (*.pdf, 35kb)   
 Introduction (*.pdf, 283kb)3/03/22Larry Ritchie 4/2022
1.1 Plans Review and Comments (*.pdf, 135kb)7/9/21Larry Ritchie 5/2021
1.2 Contract Duration and Alternative Contracting Techniques (*.pdf, 277kb)12/15/20Larry Ritchie4/2020
1.3 Pre-Bid Questions and Answers (*.pdf, 31kb)7/9/21Larry Ritchie 5/2021
Chapter 2Office Preparation   
2.1 Project Scheduling (*.pdf, 46kb)9/11/20Scott Arnold 4/2020
2.2 Final Estimates Pre-Planning (*.pdf, 21kb)5/3/22Taylor Carlquist 4/2022
Chapter 3Preconstruction Activities   
3.1 Preconstruction Conference (*.pdf, 243kb)6/20/22Taylor Carlquist 5/2022
3.2 Quality Assurance & Quality Control of Field Operations (*.pdf, 34kb)7/17/19Scott Arnold 6/2019
3.3 Contractor's Quality Control Plan (*..pdf, 392kb)12/2/21Ashley Anderson 11/2021
3.4 Dispute Review Board (*.pdf, 218kb)3/7/22Scott Arnold 2/2022
3.5 Final Estimates Quality Reviews (*.pdf, 187kb)4/7/21Laura Paskvan4/2019
Chapter 4Consultant CEI Management   
4.1 Administration of Consultant CEI Contracts (*.pdf, 42kb)9/27/21Olivia Townsend9/2021
4.2 Consultant CEI Accountability (*.pdf, 80kb)1/10/22Olivia Townsend 8/2018
Chapter 5Project Documentation   
5.1 Project Diary (*.pdf, 211kb)12/23/20Lynnette Bonin 3/2020
5.2 Contractor Vehicle Registration (*.pdf, 9kb)2/10/21Zach Wiginton 3/2021
5.3 Subletting of Contract (*.pdf, 198kb)3/10/21Zach Wiginton 3/2021
5.4 Contract Wage Requirements (*.pdf, 410kb)3/13/18 Hugh Kent11/2017
5.5 Equipment Rental (*.pdf, 122kb)2/9/21Zach Wiginton 3/2021
5.6 Utility Work (*.pdf, 66kb)2/16/21Olivia Townsend8/2019
5.7 Federal Aid Project Requirements (*.pdf, 213kb)5/12/20Larry Ritchie 5/2019
5.8 Control of Materials (*.pdf, 513kb)12/2/21Ashley Anderson 11/2021
5.9 Process Review of Construction Engineering & Inspection (*.pdf, 36kb)7/21/21Larry Ritchie 6/2021
5.10 Verification Inspection & Testing (*.pdf, 20kb)4/9/21Richard Hewitt 4/2019
 Chapter 5.10 Flowchart (*.pdf, 76kb)   
5.11 Final Estimates Documents (*.pdf, 636kb)12/2/21Laura Paskvan
5.12 Final As-Built Plans Process (*.pdf, 819kb)3/7/22Taylor Carlquist 2/2022
5.13 Plan Summary Boxes (*.pdf, 317kb)9/29/22Amanda Ulmer 9/2022
5.14 Field Records and Contractor's Certifications (*.pdf, 1.16mb)6/9/21Laura Paskvan
5.15 Final Measurements (*.pdf, 964kb)4/20/21Taylor Carlquist 6/2019
5.16 Earthwork Notes & Documentation (*.pdf, 6.55mb)3/1/22Laura Paskvan
Chapter 6Contract Payments   
6.1 Unpaid Bills Processing (*.pdf, 134kb)3/29/22Zach Wiginton 3/2022
6.2 Alternative Contracts (*.pdf, 640kb)6/21/22Laura Paskvan
Chapter 7Contract Modifications   
7.2Time Extensions (*.pdf, 430kb)4/21/22Larry Ritchie4/2022
 Chapter 7.2.1 Flowchart - Non Weather Time Extensions (*.pdf, 16kb)   
7.3Supplemental Agreements and Unilateral Payments (*.pdf, 415kb)1/3/22Larry Ritchie1/2022
Attachment Coding Contract Changes, attach for Sect 7.3 (*.pdf, 467kb)11/5/19  
7.4Contingency Supplemental Agreements and Work Orders (*.pdf, 101kb)7/7/2022Larry Ritchie7/2022
7.5 Construction Contract Claims (*.pdf, 325kb)7/15/21Larry Ritchie 8/2019
7.6 Contracting for Governor Declared Emergencies (*.pdf, 328kb)6/2/2022Larry Ritchie 6/2022
7.7 Payment & Recovery of Property Damage Costs (*.pdf, 15kb)7/9/21Larry Ritchie 6/2019
Chapter 8Administrative Requirements   
8.2 Environmental Permit Compliance (*.pdf, 27kb)7/1/22Jason Russell 7/2022
8.3 Operation Within Railroad Right-of-Way (*.pdf, 32kb)2/5/21Olivia Townsend 9/2018
8.4 Shop & Erection Drawing Process (*.pdf, 21kb)7/15/20David Wagner 6/2020
8.5 Contract Delinquency (*.pdf, 40kb)4/1/22Zach Wiginton 3/2022
8.6 Contract Default (*.pdf, 47kb)2/11/20Zach Wiginton 3/2022
8.7 Contractor Non-Responsibility For Construction Contract (*.pdf, 125kb)2/11/20Zach Wiginton 1/2020
8.8 State Arbitration Board (*.pdf, 16kb)4/13/10Scott Arnold 
8.9 Contract Termination (*.pdf, 113kb)4/14/22Zach Wiginton 4/2022
8.10 Noise & Vibration Abatement (*.pdf, 98kb)4/20/22Juan Castellanos 4/2022
8.11 Contractor Initiated Submittals (*.pdf, 147kb)9/27/21David Wagner 9/2021
8.12 Locally Funded Agreements (*.pdf, 107kb)4/12/22Amanda Ulmer 4/2022
8.13 Pipe Inspection, Evaluation & Repair (*.pdf, 26kb)7/1/22Jason Russell 7/2022
8.14 Value Added Features (*.pdf, 89kb)7/1/22Jason Russell 7/2022
Chapter 9Maintenance of Traffic   
9.1 Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) (*.pdf, 115kb)9/23/22Olivia Townsend 9/2022
9.2 Work Zone Regulatory Speeds (*.pdf, 4kb)
(Section 9.2 was Deleted 4/11/14)
 Olivia Townsend  
9.3 Work Zone Traffic Incident Evaluation and Reporting (*.pdf, 113kb)6/5/18Olivia Townsend 4/2018
Chapter 10Structures   
10.1 Piles (*.pdf, 1725kb)4/19/22Juan Castellanos 3/2020
10.2 Prestressed / Precast Concrete Components (*.pdf, 28kb)8/11/20David Wagner 7/2020
10.3 Concrete Construction (*.pdf, 544kb)6/3/20David Wagner4/2020
10.4 Coatings & Asbestos Removal, Handling & Disposal & Structural Steel Coating Issues (*.pdf, 29kb) 8/21/18David Wagner6/2018
10.5 Drilled Shafts (*.pdf, 116kb)4/19/22Juan Castellanos 3/2020
 Chapter 10.5 Flowchart (*.pdf, 39kb)   
10.6 Underwater Bridge Construction Inspection (*.pdf, 47kb)7/15/20David Wagner2/2020
10.7 Post Tensioned Bridges (*.pdf, 765kb)6/19/20David Wagner6/2020
 External Reference Documents for 10.7    
10.8 Auger Cast Piles (*.pdf, 168kb)4/19/22Juan Castellanos 4/2020
10.9 Structural Steel & Miscellaneous Metal Components (*.pdf, 154kb)6/19/20David Wagner6/2020
10.10 Bridge Construction Issues that Must Involve Office of Construction Staff (*.pdf, 36kb)4/30/20David Wagner4/2020
10.11 General Structures Construction Issues (*.pdf, 46kb)8/7/20David Wagner7/2020
10.12 Foundations on Design-Build Projects (*.pdf, 179kb)4/19/22Juan Castellanos 4/2020
Chapter 11Asphalt   
11.1 Asphalt LOT Documentation (*.pdf, 499kb)1/5/22 Amanda Ulmer12/2021
11.2 Asphalt Mix Temperature Control (*.pdf, 19kb)4/9/21Richard Hewitt 4/2019
 Chapter 11.2 Flowchart (*.pdf, 17kb)   
11.3 Categorizing Asphalt & Other Base Courses (*.pdf, 49kb)8/2/21Amanda Ulmer 6/2019
11.4 Asphalt Adjustments (*.pdf, 1.23mb)8/19/22Amanda Ulmer 8/2022
11.5 Testing & Correcting Asphalt Pavement Surface Deficiencies (*.pdf, 262kb)4/9/21Richard Hewitt 4/2021
11.6 Documentation for Multi-Fin Projects, Under One Contract (*.pdf, 631kb)4/25/19Amanda Ulmer 4/2021
11.7 Asphalt Construction Information for CQC (*.pdf, 454kb)4/25/19Amanda Ulmer 4/2021
 Chapter 11.7 Reference Presentation (*.pdf, 701kb)   
11.8 Submittals (*.pdf, 285kb)
(Section 11.8 was Deleted 12/7/2017)

11.9 Salvage of Materials (*.pdf, 34kb)6/13/19 Amanda Ulmer 9/2021
Chapter 12Project Closeout   
12.1Project Acceptance (*.pdf, 29kb)7/7/2022Larry Ritchie7/2022
Chapter 13Performance Ratings   
13.1 Contractor's Past Performance Rating (*.pdf, 247kb)3/10/21Zach Wiginton 4/2021
13.2 Constructability Grades (*.pdf, 76kb)1/10/22Olivia Townsend 6/2019
13.3 Contractor Survey (*.pdf, 12kb)4/9/21Zach Wiginton 4/2021


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