DRB Recommendations - Turnpike

4/17/1843383015201E8P06Minneola Interchange on Florida's TurnpikeA
9/18/1341933015201E8M16Lake County Canal Protection ProgramA
3/22/1040609445201E8J55TP Northbound Mainline Widening - Auger Cast Pile Grouting IssueA
10/15/0840612415201E8H67TP Northbound MP 13 - Location of Drilled Shafts (Plan Error)A
9/24/0841590515201E8G91SR 91 (Turnpike) Use of Muck Material in Construction of BermsR
5/8/0840612045201E8H33SR 589/Suncoast Pkwy - Shoulder Restoration LimitsA
10/6/052588861520120224SR 589/Suncoast Pkwy - Multiple ClaimsA
9/21/052424961520121268Turnpike & I-4 Interchange Improvements (15 issues) A
8/31/0540609115201E8F78Turnpike (SR 91) Beeline to I-4 : Existing Gravity Wall RemovalR
8/29/0523207427201E8F00SR 91 & SR710 Interchange - Thermoplastic Pavement Marking Removal A
12/16/0440421415201T8002SR 91 - Differing Soil Conditions - Pond 2A
8/19/0340928915201T8001SR 91 - Additional Compensation for DewateringA
5/25/042323521520121559Sawgrass Expressway - Additional Compensation for Milling & Paving A
5/25/042323521520121559Sawgrass Expressway - Additional Compensation - Locating & Repairing Existing LightingA
12/20/022402582520120611Seminole Expressway (Proj. 2, Sect. 1) - Embankment Pay Item AdjustmentA
12/20/022402582520120611Seminole Expressway (Proj. 2, Sect. 1) - Failure of Fabriform at Ramps B & CA
12/20/022402582520120611Seminole Expressway (Proj. 2, Sect. 1) - Sewer Line RepairA
7/26/022589051520120103Suncoast Parkway (Section 5) - Workman Comp. Classification CodesA
11/19/012589071520120225Suncoast Parkway (Section 6) - Changed Site Conditions (Due to Sink Holes)A
2/20/012589071520120225Suncoast Parkway (Section 6) - Deletion of Work (Seville Road Bridge)A
12/11/002325131520120851Turnpike (SR 91) Widening - Broward to Martin County - Changed Site ConditionsA
5/31/002589571520120145Suncoast Parkway (Sect. 4A & 4B) - Topsoil Requirements Provided in Plans A
2/7/002013081520119726Polk Pkwy (Sect 4A) - Sign/Signal Redesign; Overhead Sign; Controller Cabinet; Sign PanelsA
1/28/002013121520119561Polk Pkwy Toll Plazas - Concrete Finishing Claim (Not a DRB Finding)A
12/9/992589541520120186Suncoast Parkway (Sect. 2A & 2B) - Changed Site Conditions (Asphalt Base Removal)A
4/19/002518731520119967SR 821 (HEFT) Notice of TerminationR
4/3/002518731520119967SR 821 (HEFT) Extra Median Pavement WorkR
8/25/982518731520119967SR 821 (HEFT) Alternate Traffic Control PlanR
4/3/002518641520119727Turnpike (Bird Rd. Toll Plaza) Temp. Slotted Drain Lateral Discharge Pipes A
12/14/992518641520119727Turnpike (Bird Rd. Toll Plaza) Sole Source Specifications - Lift Station PumpsA
9/28/992518641520119727Turnpike (Bird Rd. Toll Plaza) Replace/Repair Items Stolen or VandalizedA
10/6/982518641520119727Turnpike (Bird Rd. Toll Plaza) Alignment of Sanitary Sewer Force MainA
10/6/982518641520119727Turnpike (Bird Rd. Toll Plaza) Aggregate & Fabric Payment for French Drain ConstructionA
10/6/982518641520119727Turnpike (Bird Rd. Toll Plaza) Utility Conflict - Proposed Water Main & Existing Electrical DuctA
11/24/992569051520120002Polk Pkwy (Sect. 7) Scheduling Disagreement - Additional Work at Pond 7A
9/8/992569051520120002Polk Pkwy (Sect. 7) Catastrophic Storms & Excavation at Pond 9A
9/8/992569051520120002Polk Pkwy (Sect. 7) Payment for No. 4/0 Conductor Grounding Array (High Mast Lighting)A
8/9/992013071520119388Polk Pkwy (Sect. 3A) Reinforced Earthwall Pay Quantity DisputeA
9/21/982013071520119388Polk Pkwy (Sect. 3A) Geosynthetic Fabric Issue Sole SourceA
8/6/982430931520119833Turnpike (SR 91) Inaccurate Pavement Composition Reports & Asphalt Mix Design ApprovalsA
1/9/982013101520119605Polk Pkwy - Utility Delay (Partial Scan of Recommendation)A
11/17/972013091520119284Polk Pkwy (Sect. 5) Pay Item for Conduit for Electrical Service to TECO Load CentersA
4/10/972013051520119456Polk Pkwy (Sect. 1) Schedule Interpretation IssueA
4/10/972013271520119487Polk Pkwy (Sect. 3B) Payment for Broken Test PileA
12/11/962013271520119487Polk Pkwy (Sect. 3B) Payment for Pre-formed Pile HolesA
11/1/962013271520119487Polk Pkwy (Sect. 3B) Coating of Steel Sheet PilingA
11/21/952430761520118941Southern Beltway Extension - Obligation to Provide Adequate Access to ProjectR
   A = Accepted, P = Partial Acceptance, R = Rejected