DRB Recommendations - District 7


43273425201 & 43273425202

E7R18I-75 Overpass Road InterchangeA
4/19/2143057315201T7412Diverging Diamond InterchangeA
3/5/2144383315201E7N02Orlando R&B Bearing Pad PaymentA
2/2/2140582225201T7383US10 SR55 W. Green Acres to Jump Court Citrus County, FLA
1/6/2041656125201T7388SR 54 ReconstructionA
T7331Milling and Resurfacing of State Road 60 (Courtney Campbell Causeway)A
1/26/1525558515201T7145SR 39 (Alexander St. N.) Plan Quantities for Embankment and ExcavationA
6/27/1425866025201T7298SR 93 (I275) Temporary Barrier Wall PaymentA
3/11/1441602617219E7H16SR 54 - Method of Repair for Pavement Deficiency (SDRB)A
3/12/1341881115201E7G26Tampa Bay Trail Underpass at Sheldon Rd - Construct Critical Temporary WallA
1/27/1241684225201E7G19SR 43 (US 301) Subcontractor Asphalt Straightedge ClaimA
7/25/1141340715201T7189SR 580 (Bush Blvd) - Entitlement to Compensation on Several Pay ItemsA
5/2/1141133715201T7164SR 600/US 92 - Method of Payment for Boardwalk Support PostsA
4/16/1142616115201T7258SR 597 (Dale Mabry) - Quantity of Structural Treated TimberA
1/30/0925715415201T7147SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) - Installation of Drilled Shafts due to Differing Site ConditionsA
8/24/052569571520121562SR 55 (US 19) Removal of Unsuitable Material to Install Sanitary Sewer line A
10/13/042569571520121562SR 55 (US19) Additional Sign Structure Luminaries A
12/10/032569571520121562SR 55 (US 19) Placement of Asphalt Base vs. Optional Base Groups 4 & 5 A
6/27/052587341520120445SR 56/ I-75 Interchange - Global Claim Issues (13 Issues)A
5/2/002587341520120445SR 56/ I-75 Interchange - Delay Due to Pile Splices A
5/31/0525705015201T7033SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) - Payment for Fittings    DRB ClarificationA
2/7/0525866715201T7020SR 93A (I-75) Granite Shortage, Replace Pavement Markings, MOT Devices (3 Issues)A
12/27/0440371315201T7041SR-45 (Nebraska Ave) Lane Closure RestrictionsA
10/15/044057515201E7A90Bridge Painting Hillsborough/Pinellas Co. (Weather Days)R
10/11/0425583415201T7004SR 674 - Granite Shortage, Extra Work S-10 & S-10a, Abnormal Weather (3 Issues)A
6/4/042563371520121591SR 54 - Weather Related Damage, Elevated Water Table A
6/4/042563371520121591SR 54 - Loading & Hauling Muck Materials for Ponds 3 East & 3 WestA
6/4/042563371520121591SR 54 - Existing Asphalt Thickness/Loss of Use of Limerock MaterialA
5/6/042563871520121491SR 52 - Seeding & Mulching Payment A
1/7/042571631520121563SR 44 (US41 to CR 470) Additional Dewatering due to Differing Site Conditions A
11/21/032548051520120358SR 50 & SR 45 - Time Adjustment due to Delays from Tampa Port SecurityA
11/21/032548051520120358SR 50 & SR 45 - Time Extension & Adjustment for Concrete Work/Driveway Over-runsA
11/21/032548051520120358SR 50 & SR 45 - Unforeseen Work Associated w/ Pavement Failures on US 41R
4/4/032548051520120358SR 50 & SR 45 - Subsoil Excavation Under PipesA
10/21/022548051520120358SR 50 & SR 45 - Significant Change in Work (JPA Fittings, Water & Force Mains)A
2/29/002548051520120358SR 50 & SR 45 - Sanitary Sewer Bypass PumpingA
9/23/032570931520121362SR 60 (Memorial Causeway) Storm Water Run-OffA
8/27/034037181520121674SR 45 (US 41) Timely Submittal of Claims for Subgrade Testing; Non Standard Construction; Sod OverrunA
8/18/032557341520121274SR 45 (Causeway Blvd) Sanitary Sewer Revision/RelocationA
7/21/032588611520120489SR 93 (I-275) Replacement Cost for High Mast Lighting Conduit Conflict at Ramp D1A
1/29/022588611520120489SR 93 (I-275) Slab Replacement/Joint SealingA
3/31/032563381520121198SR 54 (from SR 55 to East of Madison St.) Plan Issue - Fiberglass Structure in Pond 1AA
4/4/022563381520121198SR 54 (from SR 55 to East of Madison St.) Modification of Incentive Completion DatesA
3/3/032570951520120857SR 55 (US 19) Request for Additional Time Due to Utility ConflictsA
6/6/002569051520120752SR 679 (Bunces Pass Bridge) Sheet Piling Installed at Bridge ApproachesA
6/2/002568311520120287SR 586 (Curlew Road) Utility Conflict A
5/22/002584101520120573SR 93 (I-275) Joint Sealing Around Replacement Slabs A
4/25/002584631520119566SR 400 (I-4) Barrier Wall Out of ToleranceA
4/25/002584631520119566Significant Change to Pile InstallationA
4/25/002584631520119566SR 400 (I-4) Bridge Barrier WallA
4/25/002584631520119566SR 400 (I-4) Poor Finish on Bridge DeckR
8/24/982584631520119566SR 400 (I-4) Jack & Bore Issues (Pay Items, Tunneling, Plan Error Delays)A
8/6/972584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Untimely Notice of Intent to File Claim for Traffic Accident Repairs (Issue #12)A
7/11/972584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Temporary Sheet Piling Placed in Baker Canal (Issue # 11)A
7/11/972584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Partial Payment for Temporary Items (Issue # 10)A
6/11/972584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Payment for Granular Backfill Behind MSE Wall (Issue # 9)A
4/16/972584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Removal of Existing Median Barrier (Issue # 8)A
4/6/972584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Typical Wall Sections Bond Breaker (Issue # 7)A
7/3/962584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Pay Item for Alternate BaseA
5/24/962584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Payment for Smooth Outer Wall Concrete Pipe (Issue # 5)A
4/19/962584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Maintenance of Highway/Overhead Sign LightingA
4/19/962584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Cost of Maintaining GuardrailA
3/6/962584601520119126SR 400 (I-4) Plan Quantities of GuardrailA
5/16/962555331520118734SR 600 (US 92) End Block Beam Reinforcing Steel (VECP Modified Beams)A
2/26/962555331520118734SR 600 (US 92) Delays to Statnamic Testing (Failure to Document Claim)A
1/23/962555331520118734SR 600 (US 92) Removal of Obstructions from Drilled Shafts R
8/12/952582841520118703Clearwater Pass Bridge - Plans Interpretation - Conduit in Pedestrian Barrier WallA
4/17/952582841520118703Clearwater Pass Bridge - Laitance of Drilled Shaft Concrete - Remedial Work at Pier 4A
   A = Accepted, P = Partial Acceptance, R = Rejected