DRB Recommendations - District 5

2/7/2244031115201E5Z67FDOT vs Com. Industrial Corp via Anderson Columbia (prime)A
5/21/2123839555201T5650Additional Temporary Asphalt/Asphalt Pad under Low Profile BarrierA
T5469SR 50 (Colonial Drive) Dean Road to Avon Park BlvdR
12/8/1724262635201E5W11I-75 Widening (SR 93) From South of CR 470 to South of Florida TurnpikeR
11/12/1723759225201T5431SR 5 (US 1) North of Pine St. to North of Cidco Rd. - Issue 1.7A
40714345201T5552Sand Lake Road (482) Widening from International Drive to Florida's Turnpike Including the John Young Parkway Flyover BridgeA
9/22/1723759225201T5431SR 5 (US 1) North of Pine St. to North of Cidco Rd. - Issue 3.1 InefficiencyA
9/12/1723759225201T5431SR 5 (US 1) North of Pine St. to North of Cidco Rd. - Preservation Issues 2.1A
8/8/1743219315201E5W13I-4 Ultimate Project – Damage to Fiber Optic NetworkA
8/8/1743219315201E5W13I-4 Ultimate Project – Location of Opaque Visual BarrierA
8/6/1723759225201T5431SR 5 (US 1) North of Pine St. to North of Cidco Rd. - Issues 2.2 and 2.3A
7/24/1740846415201E5R16I-4 (SR 400) Widening from SR 44 to I-95A
T5552Sand Lake Road (482) Widening from International Drive to Florida's Turnpike Including the John Young Parkway Flyover BridgeA
9/22/1623871915201T5486Delays attributable to Plan Error Subsoil ExcavationA
9/19/1623871915201T5486Pond Differing Site ConditionsR
5/10/1642204217202E5P67Performance Aesthetics Contract with Foundation Services of Central Florida, Inc.A
1/30/1242563817201E5M69SR 400 (I-4) - Repair of Cracked Concrete SlabsA
9/14/1123842945201T5271SR 50 (W Colonial Dr.) - Hard Driving Sheet Pile @ TW1 & TW3A
7/27/1042334745201T5318SR 50 (Colonial Drive) - Replacement of Pavement Due to RipplesA
4/16/0941166525201E5L60SR 464 over CSX RR - Unsuitable Material IssueR
4/4/0941166525201E5L60SR464 over CSX - Time Extension for Late Delivery of CSX Signal SystemA
4/1/0941166525201E5L60SR464 over CSX - Compensation for temporary poles and signal at SW 12th AveR
12/3/0824160215201T5164CR 484 - Deletion of Variability Factor Embankment QuantityA
10/3/0741715415201T5152SR 40 - Remove & Replace Pavement with Surface Deficiencies - RipplesA
3/6/0723746615201T5041SR 520 - Payment of Pile SplicesA
11/17/0624249315201T5043I-4/John Young Parkway - Delayed Water Use PermitA
9/26/0624249315201T5043I-4/John Young Pkwy - MSE Wall Coating & Elastomeric Box Girder CoatingA
10/16/0623929415201T5044SR 520 Pipe Installation - Additional Time/CompensationA
1/30/0624080525201T5036SR 44 - Prestress Impact to SupplierA
1/17/0623831415201T5063US441 Pavement Markings & Sand Seal CoatingA
9/23/0540460115201T5037SR 528 - Indian River Bridge - Pier 13 Footing Remove/ReplaceR
8/30/0523750625201T5024SR 520 (Banana River) - Mass Concrete Pour of FootingsA
8/30/0523945425604T5015SR-436 (SR528 to SR552) Additional Pipe Backfill Material CompensationA
2/9/0523945425604T5015SR436 (JPA w/ City of Orlando) Payment for Meg-a-lugs A
6/22/052375501520121485SR 5 (US 1) - Median Curb, Driveway Delay, Sheet Piling & Bedding Stone Extra WorkA
3/8/042375501520121485SR 5 (US 1) - Bell South Impact (Utility Relocation)A
11/9/032375501520121485SR 5 (US 1) - Box Culvert Impact A
1/31/052401741510121164SR 426 (Aloma Ave) Non-Payment of Over-thickness FC-3A
11/8/0440917315201T5025SR15 (US 441) - Base Material ShortageA
11/5/042407581520121266SR 5A (Nova Rd.) Overrun in Mowing A
11/5/042407581520121266SR 5A (Nova Rd.) Anchor Bolt Tensile TestingA
11/5/042407581520121266SR 5A (Nova Rd.) Area Wide Cement ShortageA
1/28/032407581520121266SR 5A (Nova Rd.) Equitable Adjustment - Coquina Rock Boulders in Pipe TrenchA
10/10/042401671520121447SR434 Cutting and Patching 85 Open Cut Locations (Install of New Water/Force Mains)A
7/23/042392921520121459SR 520 - Asphalt Base Removal & Stabilization IssuesR
4/12/042375061520121239SR 520 (Low Level Bridge Replacement) Escalated Workers Compensation RatesA
12/18/032407571520121265SR 5A (Nova Rd.) Contract Schedule, Computation of Contract TimeA
11/13/034051761520121533SR 15/600 (US 17/92) Assessment of LD's (Soil Conditions, Weather, Shop Drawing Delays)A
9/29/032392881520121588SR 435 (Kirkman Rd) Maintaining Commercial Material & Payment of Temporary DetectionA
1/6/0324249915201E5F21SR 400 (I-4) Add Thru Lanes - Soil Replacement Claim A
1/6/0324249915201E5F21I-4 Auxiliary Lanes Median Edge DrainsA
5/15/022386791520120605SR 500 (US 27) Sheet Piling & City of Ocala Electric Pole at Pond E-2A
4/5/022386791520120605SR 500 (US 27) Off Duty Law EnforcementA
4/5/022386791520120605SR 500 (US 27) Borrow Pit Permit & Haul Road Delay ClaimA
6/30/002386791520120605SR 500 (US 27) Restrictions on Burning Operations of Clearing & Grubbing Debris A
2/8/022396701520120208SR 530 (US 192) Claim Issue - Utility ConflictR
9/19/002396701520120208SR 530 (US 192) Failure to Comply with Specifications ("Pigging" Water Line)A
1/10/012401781520220176SR414 (Maitland Blvd) Unforeseen Conditions (Hardpan) & Broken Sewer LineA
11/13/002386351520120443SR 200 - Utility Conflicts, Differing Site Condition (Pond 3), Conflict w/ Electrical Guy Wires & Poles, Timely Installation of Stored Materials (4 Issues)A
3/30/002401211520119997SR 15 (US 17-92) Adjusting Contract Incentive Time A
   A = Accepted, P = Partial Acceptance, R = Rejected