DRB Recommendations - District 4

11/1/2323144025201T4434CR-712 (Midway Road) Reconstruction from West of 25th Street to East of SR-5 (US-1) NOI40A
11/1/2323144025201T4434CR-712 (Midway Road) Reconstruction from West of 25th Street to East of SR-5 (US-1) NOI39A
12/19/2223144025201T4434CR-712 (Midway Road) Reconstruction from West of 25th Street to East of SR-5 (US-1) NOI34 
12/19/2223144025201T4434CR-712 (Midway Road) Reconstruction from West of 25th Street to East of SR-5 (US-1) NOI33 
2/12/2143310845201E4Q32I-95 EXPRESS PHASE 3A-1R
T4496Palm Beach County SR-706 Indiantown Rd. ATMS ProjectR
2/18/1922777515201E4N82Upgrade SR-7 from Fillmore Street to south of Stirling Road
SR 93/I-75 Express Lanes - Segments C & DP 
8/16/1842170745201, 41270745202E4N98I-75 Express Lanes Project Segment "C"A
E4N98I-75 Express Lanes Project Segment "C"A
10/2/1743661715201E4S21SR 9/I 95 Bridge Deck Replacement Over CR 709, FEC RR & Ten Mile CreekA
7/12/17 43750315201E4R68I-75 NB Lane Balancing ProjectR
5/2/1743510215201T4437Indiantown OverlayR
1/30/1742872015201T4387Compensation for Weed MitigationA
1/30/1742872015201T4387Compensation For Constructing Miscellaneous Asphalt Pavement (MAP)A
1/30/1742872015201T4387Reworking And Replanting Slope AreasA
1/30/1742872015201T4387Three Day Time ExtensionA
E4P38Costs Incurred Beyond The Initial Bid Proposal For Work Associated With The Construction Of The Signalization InfrastructureA
12/14/1642170755201E4P08I-75 Lighting Conductors Issue - ClarificationA
11/21/1642170755201E4P08I-75 Lighting Conductors IssueA
8/25/1440482715201E4J90SR 9 (I-95) Delay for RR Permit & Unusable/Missing ConduitA
9/20/1242279615201E4K49I-95 Express Lanes - Third Party Damages, Incident Management, Fuel Spill Clean-up, Routine MaintenanceR
12/22/1140687015201T4190SR 9 (I-95) Payment for Guardrails Damaged by Third PartiesR
12/31/0940687015201T4190SR 9 (I-95)  Phase II Temporary Barrier Wall - Relocation CompensationA
4/27/0940687015201T4190SR 9 (I-95)  Auger Cast Pile Quantities IssueA
4/2/1141384215201T4196SR 25/ US 27 (from Hendry C/L to Milepost 12.533) Payment for Third Party DamagesR
4/28/1023173715201T4074SR 9/I-95 (from Sample Rd. to Palm Beach C/L) Value Added Asphalt Pavement, Spec. 338 A
4/20/0941143515201T4099SR 714 - Negative Adjustments & Compensation for Embankment QuantityR
4/8/0923028825201T4088SR 5 - Compensation for Wing Wall Repair at Saeger Box CulvertA
1/18/0723028825201T4088SR 5 - Noise Ordinance Suspension & Differing Site Condition at Pond 23 WestA
2/25/0922979715201T4007SR 80 - Additional Compensation due to Changed Sign Structure Pay ItemsR
12/30/0841143215201T4167SR A1A - Additional Compensation for construction of 9" asphalt base & correction of surface defects in the structural asphaltA
12/12/0823026245201T4080SR 70 - Additional Compensation for Added Structural Asphalt WorkR
5/20/0823026245201T4080SR 70 - Concrete Removal after HydrodemolitionA
10/31/0823029615201T4131SR A1A - Markup on First Tier Subcontractor (Allowable Costs for Extra Work)R
10/27/0823968525201T4078SR 60 - MSE Wall No. 1 and Mass Concrete Delay
(from Yeehaw Junction to East of Indian River County Line)
9/18/0822859815201T4003SR 60 - Coquina Rock Shortage (Rebuttal Paper)R
9/18/0822859815201T4003SR 60 (Osceola Blvd) Entitlement for Aggregate for Asphalt, Natures Keepers claim, Coquina Rock ShortageA
1/21/0422859815201T4003SR 60 Corridor - Extra Cost of Elliptical Concrete Pipe A
9/18/082285961520121457SR 60 (Osceola Blvd) - Increase Cost of Coquina Rock for Sub-baseA
5/15/082285961520121457SR 60 (Osceola Blvd) - Added Time for Caracara Bird Suspension, Extra Work Asphalt Rutting & Mitered End SectionsR
6/30/062285961520121457SR 60 (Indian River County) Unsuitable Material & Shortage of Base MaterialP
1/18/0822958725201T4008SR 809 (Military Trail) - Extension of Existing Box CulvertsA
11/12/0723191815201T4039I-95 (SR 9) Added Time/Compensation for Ramp 2B-1 Special Shoulder ProfileA
11/12/0723191815201T4039I-95 (SR 9) Additional Compensation for Deck Grooving Quantity ChangeA
11/12/0723191815201T4039I-95 (SR 9) Additional Time/Compensation for Outside Lane Cross SlopeA
11/12/0723191815201T4039I-95 (SR 9) Intent to Claim for Weather Days after Expiration of Contract TimeA
7/10/0723191935201T4032I-95 (SR 9) Compensation for Adjustments to Reinforced Erath Retaining WallA
5/25/0523191935201T4032I-95 (SR 9) Reconstruction from North of SR-80; Payment of Temporary Traffic SignalsA
5/25/0523191935201T4032I-95 (SR 9) Use & Compensation of FHP Officers for Traffic ControlR
6/19/0623191825201T4016I-95 (SR 9) Payment & Time for Hurricane Wilma and Tropical Storm GammaA
10/10/0523191825201T4016I-95 (SR 9) Compensation for Repairs to Temp. Impact AttenuatorsA
3/25/0523191825201T4016I-95 (SR 9) Reconstruction - Payment of FHP Officers During Lane ClosuresR
10/8/042297771520121446SR 5/US 1 - Plan Quantity Error for Regular Excavation QuantityA
11/15/032319371520121586SR-9/I-95 Payment for Damages to Temp. Traffic AttenuatorsA
2/23/032318781520120788SR 9/I-95 - Over Excavation of Material in the Flood Plain Compensation AreaA
5/9/002288211520120171SR A1A - Payment for Allocated Overhead Caused by Reduction of 355mm Piling at Fender SystemA
2/16/992280711520120168SR 5/US 1 - Obligation to Utilize Proprietary Irrigation System SpecifiedA
6/24/982278741520119871SR A1A - Damage to 30" HDPE Water Main While Constructing Test PileA
6/24/982278741520119871SR A1A - Acceptance of Material (Steel Beams) not in Conformity with Plans & SpecsA
   A = Accepted, P = Partial Acceptance, R = Rejected