DRB Recommendations - District 3

5/14/1922044275201T3543Design-Build S.R. 87 from 2miles South of Yellow River Bridge To C.R. 184 (4-lane and Bridge in Santa Rosa County
12/9/1721860565201E3O54SR 10 (9-Mile Road) from CR 99 Beulah Rd to SR 297 Pine Forest RdR
10/18/1722066425201E3L23SR 83 (US 331) Choctawhatchee Bay & Relief Bridge AdditionsR
5/1/1722077295201E3K68SR Multi-Lane Improvements, Washington & Holmes CountyA
4/3/17 42450815201T3416SR 10 (US90) over Yellow River (Bridge No. 570004)R
11/10/1622044275201T3543Design‐Build S.R. 87 from 2miles South of Yellow River Bridge To C.R. 184
10/11/1641110225201T3471SR 123, Segment 2 - Claim #1 Additional Compensation for HaulingR
3/7/1542893915201T3467Leon County, I-10, Resurfacing, Borrow IssueA
3/13/1240716715201T3089SR 79 (Holmes Creek Bridge) - Damaged Piles, Utility Conduit, Shaft Wall Collapse (6 issues)A
2/22/1242163515201T3294SR 61 (US 27) - Extra Work Placing Asphalt in Gutter (Quantum Ruling)A
8/28/1022041265201T3311SR 281 (Avalon Blvd.) - Erosion Control/Drainage System IssuesA
2/25/1042016115201E3G67SR 8/I-10; Cleaning & Painting Steel Columns & Partial Pile Jacket Removal
(Bridges 550050 & 550089)
1/15/0841747425201E3E19Design-Build Bridge Replacement I-10; Grinding & Grooving of Bridge Decks (Quantum Ruling)A
12/11/0741747425201E3E19Design-Build Bridge Replacement I-10; Grinding & Grooving of Bridge Decks in Regards to Contract Provision 5-12.3A
8/28/0741747425201E3E19Design-Build Bridge Replacement I-10; Grinding & Grooving of Bridge Decks 
9/14/0641747425201E3E19SR 8/I-10, Escambia Bay Bridge Replacement - Compensation for Temporary Barrier WallA
6/11/0722044255201T3043SR 87 - Time Extension for Gas Main RelocationA
2/13/0622044255201T3043SR 87 - Additional Contract Days Due to Impact of Hurricane KatrinaA
6/17/0540621415201E3A03SR 30/US 98 (Hathaway Bridge Replacement) - Award of Contract Time as Excusable DelaysR
11/11/042204021520121556SR 87 - Placement of Guardrail Pedestrian Safety Treatment Pipe RailA
5/14/032204021520121556SR 87 - Impacts and Delay Damages due to Utility Relocation 
1/29/042198041520120943Claim Package Submitted by SANDCO, Inc. (6 Claim & 7 Final Estimate Issues)A
8/1/022206421520120944SR 30/US 98 - Mack Bayou Wetland Delay ClaimR
6/16/002197821520120159SR 366 - Failure to Perform Timely Density Tests (No Documentation of Damage)A
6/13/002197821520120159SR 366 - Utility Conflict (High Voltage Pole)A
5/10/002199391520119197SR 20 (Apalachicola River Bridge) - Payment for Repair of Expansion Joints 
10/10/9722276615201E3720I-10 Bridge Replacement - Pile Length, Preformed Pile Holes, & Bridge Jacking Payment 
2/20/9722276615201E3720I-10 Bridge Replacement over Blackwater Bay - Changed Site Conditions 
   A = Accepted, P = Partial Acceptance, R = Rejected