DRB Recommendations - District 2

I-295 Express Lanes from the Buckman Bridge to I-95: Law Enforcement
E2S01I-295 Express Lanes from the Buckman Bridge to I-95: OHT 5&6
10/17/1843056535201E2Q19SR 23 (First Coast Expressway) New Road Construction (from North of Argyle Forest Blvd to I-10)
 Contract: E2Q19
8/14/17 20965935201T2563I-10 Interchange at US-90 and SR-23 - Unsuitable Material Found in Pond 37R
10/2/1743056535201E2Q19SR 23 New Road Construction - Stumps and Debris in Ponds D12A and D15AR
9/11/1743056535201E2Q19SR 23 New Road Construction - Normandy Boulevard Existing Asphalt/ConcreteA
7/11/1642955115201E2P12SR 200/US 301 North of Baldwin in Duval County 17 Miles to the Four Lane South of Callahan in Nassau County R
1/23/1321327245201T2260SR 8 (I-10) - 3rd Party Damage to guard Rail & Friction CourseR
9/10/1221087325201T2398SR 30 (US 98) Aucilla River Bridge Replace - Pre-forming Pile Holes on Detour Bridge & Temporary Work StructureA
8/12/1221321825201T2359SR 9 (I-95) - Differing Site Conditions - Remove & Replace Existing Concrete PavementR
3/8/1221321725201T2359SR 9 (I-95) - Traffic Control officer Use in Lane ClosuresA
4/4/1221069745201T2199SR 200 (A1A) - Relocation of Fender System, Removal of Concrete Rubble & Condition of Bascule FoundationA
3/19/1221294985201T2350SR 93 (I-75) - Existing Soil Conditions at Pond B-4A
11/12/1121068735201E2N36SR 200 (A1A) - Differing Site Condition Concerning Muck Removal & Subsurface ClayA
5/8/1120778515201E2G52SR 329 - Traffic Control Plan; Installation of Temporary Barrier WallA
5/2/1120778515201E2G52SR 329 - Limerock Base Compaction MethodA
1/27/1120965015201T2319SR 10A (Arlington Expressway) - Installation of Fiber Optics Locate WireA
1/27/1142633315201T2284SR 111 (Edgewood Avenue) - Installation of Fiber Optics Locate WireA
1/21/1021311325201T2280SR 8 / I-10 - Traffic Control Officer Payment IssueR
2/22/0921037625201T2178SR 55 - Removal of Concrete from Existing Manhole & Storm Sewer; Occurred During Drilled Shaft Installation A
5/11/0821037625201T2178SR 55 - Excavation Required to meet Plan Template; Maintenance/Restoration of Turf on Re-Worked ShoulderA
1/7/0821037625201T2178SR 55 - Contractor's Quality Control Plan RejectionA
11/21/0820797325201T2207SR 18 & SR 235 - Cross Slope Corrections in All Curve SectionsA
11/3/0820996915201T2097SR 20 Widening Project, Interlachen to Hollister, Unforeseen Drainage WorkA
10/16/0820965955201T2196SR 23 - Sandbag Payment QuantificationA
5/17/0721324515201T2117SR 9/I 95 - Multiple Issues
(Adjoining Project; Type B Stabilization & Base Overruns; Failed Temp. Erosion Control)
11/30/0620769915201E2H07SR 26 Critical End DatesA
4/13/0620969225201T2082SR 134 - Contract Time Issues, Liquidated DamagesA
8/1/0521335155201T2013SR 9A - Pile Underruns & Bridge Deck Removal A
7/5/0521325125201E2G91I-295 - Additional Compensation for Removal of AsphaltA
5/19/0521308415201T2061I-75(from US90 to I-10) Weather Delay Time ExtensionA
10/13/0421350215201E2F20I-95: Flagler Co line to S. of SR 207 -  Steel Index Pricing for Fence A
6/18/032096001520121349SR 9A & SR 9A/I-95 Interchange - City of Jacksonville Noise OrdinanceA
9/25/022092611520120697SR 139 - Unresolved Claim Issues - MOT, Paving Inefficiencies, Additional Field Costs A
5/31/022102231520121232SR 13 - Reduction in Quantity of Gravity Wall A
2/27/022092691520119550SR 10 (Atlantic Ave) Claim Issue - Leaking Joints RCPA
9/26/012097861520120898SR 49/US 129 -  Additional Compensation Placement of Additional Limerock Base A
6/12/002134331520120459SR 8/ I-10 - Ellaville Weigh In Motion Station - Inspection Pit SlabA
   A = Accepted, P = Partial Acceptance, R = Rejected