Pipe Repair Matrix - Metal Pipe

Pipe TypeProblem NotedAcceptable Repair Methods
Metal Pipe1.  Coating has been damaged by welding fabrication or from excessive rough handling.Pipe should be repaired using special paints and procedures as outlined in ASTM A 780
**There are several types of metal pipe listed in the Drainage Manual.  They Include:  
1.  Corrugated Aluminum Pipe (CAP)  2.  Pipe damaged during normal handling which results in dents but no coating loss.  The indentation cannot exceed the 5% deflection or can be no greater than 1 square foot or 10% of the diameter.Saddle plates per the manufacturers recommendation covering the area of damage can be provided to cover the indentation and should be field welded to the pipe.  Any damaged metallic coating shall be repaired according to ASTM A 780
2.  Corrugated Steel Pipe (CSP)  
3.  Corrugated Aluminized Steel Pipe (CASP)3.  Joint gaps, leaks, or gasket intrusion1.  Internal joint seals
4.  Spiral Rib Aluminum Pipe (SRAP)  
5.  Spiral Rib Steel Pipe 2.  Concrete collars in accordance with Index 430-001 of the Department's Design Standards.
6.  Spiral Rib Aluminized Steel Pipe (SRASP)  
  3.  Pressure injection of an acceptable flexible chemical grout.
  4.  Pipe lining with materials and methods found in Section 431 of the Department's Standards Specifications
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