Pipe Repair Matrix


The Florida  Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Contracting industry strive for  problem-free installation of drainage systems on all DOT construction projects.  This has been and always will be the goal of the Department.  In some cases, however, problems with the pipeline installation are discovered during the final pipe inspection.  These issues must be evaluated and resolved before the project is accepted.  Since a properly installed, functioning , drainage system is critical to DOT's mission, the Department must have assurances that the pipe put in the ground will meet its design service life and function as intended.  Once the contractor has the opportunity to review any issues associated with a pipeline installation, he should submit  suggested repairs to the Department for review.  The Construction Office has developed the Pipe Repair Matrix as a guidance document for selecting and approving repair methods submitted by contractors.


The Pipe Repair Matrix is a compilation of pipe repair methods submitted by pipe manufacturers and  found in the Standard Specifications.  This Matrix is a living document and will continue to evolve as the Department refines its pipeline inspection and repair processes and repair technology advances. 

As a result, this Matrix is a guidance document ONLY and does not replace Engineering judgment.


It is incumbent upon the District to use that judgment when selecting and approving repairs for their projects.  Finally, the Department encourages the review and use of emerging repair technologies provided they are based on sound scientific principles and defendable engineering analysis.


The Department does not accept Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) point repairs.  All Cured In Place Pipe repairs must be installed in accordance with Section 431.




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Metal Pipe

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             The Pipe Matrix is a guidance document ONLY and does not replace Engineering judgment.