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The FDOT CADD Manual mandates that projects be delivered to FDOT using the most recently available and current software. The legacy FDOT software listed below is no longer supported by the FDOT CADD Office and provided without warranty, for use with non-FDOT projects.

The FDOT CADD Office will not be providing updated resources and standards for legacy software; as a result, the user assumes all risk. Design files created and edited with legacy software might not be compliant with current CADD standards or suitable for delivery to FDOT.

 Title Description Downloads Last Updated
FDOTCONNECT10.11FDOTConnect 10.11 CADD Software (v10.11.00.02).ClientServerWorkstation04/14/2023
FDOTCONNECT10.10FDOTConnect 10.10 CADD Software (v10.10.03.00).
FDOT2023 Civil 3DFDOT2023 Civil 3D CADD Software (v01.02.00).FDOT2023.C3DFDOT2023.ACAD-02/23/2023
FDOT2022 Civil 3D
FDOT2022 Civil 3D CADD Software (v01.02.00).FDOT2022.C3DFDOT2022.ACAD-07/14/2022
FDOTSS10FDOTSS10 CADD Software (v01.05.00).
FDOT ORD Migration ToolsMigrating FDOT Projects from SS10 to OpenRoads Designer.FDOT ORD Migration Tools--06/13/2023