Staff DirectoryAviation and Spaceports Office

StaffPhoneResponsible AreaSection
Aaron Smith(850) 414-4514State Aviation ManagerOffice Manager
Abdul Hatim(850) 414-4504Airport Engineering ManagerDevelopment
Alice Lammert(850) 414-4503Private Airport and Finance ManagerOperations
Allison McCuddy(386) 943-5041Freight and Logistics ManagerDistrict 5
Andy Keith(850) 414-4516Aviation Development AdministratorDevelopment
Brittany Williams-Sanders(305) 470-5541Aviation CoordinatorDistrict 6
David Roberts(850) 414-4507Aviation Operations AdministratorOperations
David Smith(850) 414-4515Airport Inspection and Safety ManagerOperations
Dionne Richardson(305) 470-5292Freight and Logistics ManagerDistrict 6
Donna Whitney(386) 961-7377Freight and Logistics Specialist IVDistrict 2
Greg Jones(850) 414-4502Airspace and Land Use ManagerOperations
Joe Jerkins(386) 943-5040Freight and Logistics Specialist IVDistrict 5
Kristi Smith(863) 519-2265Freight and Logistics Specialist IVDistrict 1
Kyle Coffman(904) 360-5686Freight and Logistics SupervisorDistrict 2
Lauren Rand(954) 777-4499 Freight and Logistics ManagerDistrict 4
Laurie McDermott(954) 777-4497Freight and Logistics Specialist IVDistrict 4
Michael Brown(813) 975-6643ISD Transportation Specialist IVDistrict 7
Michael McDougall(850) 414-4512Aviation Communications ManagerOperations
Mike McClure(850) 414-4506Aviation System ManagerDevelopment
Nick Harwell(850) 414-4510Airport Planning ManagerDevelopment
Quinton Williams(850) 330-1545Passenger Operations Specialist IIDistrict 3
Ray Clark(813) 975-6235Freight and Logistics Specialist IVDistrict 7
Vanessa Strickland(850) 330-1534Passenger Operations Specialist IVDistrict 3
Zach Simons(850) 414-4505Aviation ConsultantDevelopment

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