Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC)

Traffic Records Coordinating Committee

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) awards additional funding that can only be uses for Traffic Records with the conditions that the distribution of these funds must be made by a Traffic Records Coordinating Committee (TRCC). The review and approval of these subgrants goes through a separate process but everything else is similar to the Traffic Records priority area.

The TRCC is a multi-agency collaboration to create and manage a traffic safety information system to provide accessible, accurate, complete and integrated traffic records data. The member agencies have an interest in the six traffic records data systems:  Crash Data, Roadway, Citation/ Adjudication, Emergency Management Services (EMS)/ Trauma Registry/Injury Surveillance, Driver license/Driver history, and Vehicle Registration.

To provide traffic safety data users accessibility to quality traffic records data when, where, and in the form needed, the TRCC has made progress toward integrating three of the six traffic records data systems within Signal Four Analytics.  This statewide analytical system integrates crash, roadway, and citation data made visible in a geospatial platform.

Please visit the Signal Four Analytics System at to learn more. 

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To ensure that accurate, complete, and timely traffic safety data is collected, analyzed, and made available to those agencies and individuals that need the information, the TRCC:

  • Maintains authority to review Florida's highway safety data and traffic records systems;
  • Provides a forum for the discussion of highway safety data and traffic records issues and makes reports to the agencies and the organizations in the State that create, maintain, and use highway safety data and traffic records;
  • Considers and coordinates the views of organizations in the State that are involved in the administration, collection, and use of the highway safety data and traffic records system;
  • Represents the interests of the agencies and organizations within the traffic records system to outside organizations;
  • Reviews and evaluates new technologies to keep the highway safety data and traffic records systems up to date.
  • Assists TRCC members applying for public and private funds to support and improve traffic records;
  • Approves Florida's annual Section 405 application submitted by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration;
  • Approves expenditures of Section 405 funds received by the FDOT; and
  • Reviews and approves the annual Florida Strategic Plan for Traffic Records.


TRCC Funding

The funding can be used for projects the improve the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, and uniformity of the state's six traffic records systems (citation/adjudication, crash, driver, EMS/Injury Surveillance system, roadway and vehicle) or that advance the goals and objectives of Florida's TRCC as documented in the Florida Traffic Safety Information System Strategic Plan 2017-2021. Subgrant funding can no longer be used to help purchase hardware/equipment /peripherals needed to use electronic reporting software. Clerk of Court Offices are allowed to use TRCC subgrant funding to purchase third party software to provide an interface with law enforcement agencies. If the funding will be used to purchase a Records Management System, Case Management System related to traffic records (e-crash or e-citation data) can be funded.

Law enforcement agencies that applied and received subgrant funding through the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) Safety Data Improvement Project (SaDIP) Subgrant to purchase laptops and mounting hardware to support electronic reporting of commercial motor vehicle crashes to the State, are still eligible to apply for TRCC funding. The FLHSMV subgrant funding was specific to commercial motor vehicle crash data improvements.

Agencies are encouraged to apply for both the Traffic Records and TRCC priority areas. Please note: this requires the submission of two separate concept papers!


Additional information in regards to the TRCC, can be found on the TRCC website at


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Page updated: June 12, 2023