Central Office - Location Surveying & R/W Mapping

Location Surveying & R/W Mapping - Central Office

Responsible for developing standards and procedures for the performance of the FDOT Group 8 - Surveying and Mapping Work Types of Geodetic Control Surveys, Design Surveys, Right of Way Surveys, Photogrammetric Mapping and Right of Way Mapping. Responsible for the qualification of consultants performing Group 8 work types on FDOT Projects. We provide technical support for the Surveying and Mapping CADD related issues and field and office survey equipment and firmware. For more information on consultants working for FDOT projects please visit our consultants website at http://www.fdot.state.fl.us/consultants.shtm

Location Surveying & R/W Mapping - District Offices

The district Location Surveying & Mapping offices are responsible for providing location surveying and mapping for their specific district.

Right of Way Mapping

The district Right of Way Mapping offices are responsible for providing Right of Way mapping for their specific district.
For a list of available Right of Way maps please visit the R/W maps website at http://www.fdot.state.fl.us/rowmap.shtm