Work Program and Budget Offices

Budget Office - The Budget Office is responsible for development of the Legislative Budget Request (LBR) as well as administration of appropriations throughout the fiscal year. These responsibilities include the processing of interim budget transfers and amendments, managing the Department’s Fixed Capital Outlay Buildings and Grounds Program, coordination of the development of the LBR, allocation of appropriations to program areas, budget training programs, budget status reporting, and the establishment of and communication with budget coordinators within program areas.

Federal Aid Management - The Federal Aid Management Office is responsible for the overall management of the Department’s annual Obligation Authority Plan, federal authorization of individual projects in the current year of the Adopted Five Year Work Program and closure of completed projects. This office also develops instructions and guidelines for federal aid activities and serves as primary liaison with FHWA on matters relating to the financial administration of federally funded projects.

Work Program & Budget Systems Support - The Financial Management Support Office provides technical, data and programming support to financial operations and its employees, to include generating automated reports, providing data for analysis, quality assurance, and quality control and ensuring systems functionality for the Financial Management System (FM) and related systems. Staff provides functional support and training to the users of these systems. The office serves as liaison to the Office of Information Systems (OIS) to define enhancements and maintenance needs for system support.

Finance, Program and Resource Allocation - The Finance, Program and Resource Allocation unit is responsible for allocating and managing the resources available to the department for transportation programs in a manner which is consistent with the Florida Transportation Plan, Florida Statutes, and the mission and vision of the department. These responsibilities include development of five year finance plans which are coordinated with the Comptroller’s cash forecasts; development and monitoring of fund allocations relating to state and federal revenue sources; development and monitoring of performance targets for department programs; and development of the Program and Resource Plan which documents planned commitment levels over a ten year period for each of the department’s programs.

Financial Management and Strategic Operations - Financial Management and Strategic Operations Office is responsible for reviewing, evaluating, monitoring and ensuring continuity of financial operations for the office and department. Its duties also include analysis of business process, financial operations and supporting systems in order to recommend operational transformation which maximize accomplishment of federal regulations and state statutes. Also develops return on investment calculations, analysis of financial outputs/outcomes to ensure accomplishment of strategic plans and provides functional support and training.


Production Management - The Production office is responsible for reviewing, evaluating, monitoring and updating the major products scheduled for delivery in the Five-Year Work Program. The office presents the monthly production report to the executive team to track the actual accomplishments against the plan for the active budget year. The office processes letting plans and coordinates with the Federal Aid office and FHWA prior to advertisement of projects let each month in Tallahassee.

Work Program Development & Operations - The Work Program Development and Operations Office is responsible for the development of the Department’s Five Year Work Program consistent with Work Program Instructions, Department policies, Florida Statutes, and federal law. This includes developing detailed Work Program Instructions, ensuring the program is balanced to available funding and budget, and initiating, reviewing and processing work program and related budget amendments. The office is also responsible for the development of the statewide Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) and Bridge Replacement work programs.

For more specific information about our office, contact one of the managers below:

     Director, Office of Work Program and Budget

Mechelle Marcum
Budget Officer

Cynthia Lorenzo
Manager, Federal Aid

Clay Whitaker
Manager, WPB Systems Support

Dan Cashin
Manager, Finance, Program and Resource Allocation

Kendra Sheffield
Manager, Work Program Development

Greg Patterson
Manager, Financial Management and Strategic Operations & Production Management