Highway Signing Program

Answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about FDOT's Highway Signing:

What is the procedure to get a "Drive Safely" memorial sign?

As a public service and to increase awareness of highway safety, it is FDOT's policy (850-050-004-c) to fabricate and install Highway Safety Memorial Markers within the State Highway rights of way to:
  • Memorialize people who have died as a result of a vehicle related crash.
  • Remind motorists to protect human life by driving safely.

Requests for Highway Safety Memorial Markers within the State Highway rights of way are to be submitted in writing to the FDOT Area Maintenance Engineer with jurisdiction of area where the incident occurred. Requests may be made by immediate family members or friends, with requests from friends requiring the approval of the deceased's immediate family. A notation of how the name should appear on the marker, contact information for the immediate family and a copy of the collision report should be included with the written request. With this, the marker is placed in safe proximity to the site of the incident.

For more information, please visit the FDOT Maintenance webpage 

How do "business signs" get placed at the interchanges on the Interstate?

These specific service guide signs providing direction to Gas, Food, Lodging, Camping and Attractions on limited access roadways are available through the Department's Logo Sign Program. The Right-of-Way office hosts a Frequently Asked Questions website for this program area.

Picture of a Logo Sign
For Outdoor Advertising:

For the Logo Sign Program:

Now that I have taken the initiative to relay my concerns, when is the Engineering and Operations staff going to respond?

The Department of Transportation encourages motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians to bring us their concerns regarding travel on the state maintained roadway system. There are many factors that can affect permanent alterations in traffic patterns and roadway navigational characteristics, and we welcome concerned citizens, such as yourself, to bring these changing needs to our attention. E-mail addresses are offered as quick-links on our website, so please don't hesitate to take advantage of the convenience.

If your contact with the Department is not acknowledged within 5 business days, please don't be shy about contacting us again.

Telephone calls, letters and e-mails are, most often, acknowledged by the appropriate District office in the same format in which they are originally received. If the issue has no immediate resolve, you will be advised by staff when to reasonably expect the study and recommendations to be complete. Based on scheduling resources and prioritizing case load, the answer may take as little as 60 to 90 days to be available to you.

For additional information please contact GOVqa