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Florida's CAV Initiative provides a roadmap for developing innovative technology projects. Our program aims to support FDOT's primary mission and vision by creating a framework for policies, funding, education, outreach, partnership, and advancing research. The CAV program deploys projects with connected technologies statewide to achieve sustainable safety, mobility, and economic development benefits.

Florida's CAV Initiative applies lessons learned from ongoing CAV projects on future deployments standardizes processes and products. By building on what the CAV initiative learns from each project, we help enable transition to full-scale developments and, eventually, to standard operations. FDOT places emphasis on partnership with stakeholders and embrace emerging technologies in transportation to mitigate traffic crashes and improve mobility for all road users.

Focus Areas

Florida Moves is focused on seven areas of emphasis identified in the Florida's CAV Business Plan (2019). These priorities are designed to carry the program from initialization through full-scale implementation and operations.


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Policies and Governance
Program Funding
Education and Outreach
Industry Outreach and Partnerships
Technical Standards and Specifications Development
Implementation Readiness
Deployment and Implementation




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Last updated: June 2022