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Traveling on I-95Old NumberNew NumberIntersecting Roadway
South11ARickenbacker Causeway
North South21BSW 8th St./SW 7th St.
North South32AUS 1
North42BNW 2nd St.
South3A2CMiami Ave.
North South52DI-395
North South63ASR 836 West
South5A3BNW 8th St.
South74I-195 and SR 112
North74BI-195 and SR 112
North South86ASR 944 (NW 62nd St./NW 54th St.)
South9A6BNW 69th St.
North South97SR 934 (NW 79th St./NW 81st St.)
North South108ANW 95th St.
North South118BSR 932 (NW 103rd St.)
North129SR 924 (NW 119th St.)
North South1310ANW 125th St.
North South1410BSR 916 (Opa Locka Blvd.)
North1511NW 151st St.
North1612ASR 826 West/Florida's Turnpike
North1712BSR 826 East
North1812CUS 441
South1812US 441 (SR 826/Florida's Turnpike/ SR 9)
North South1914SR 860 (Miami Gardens Dr.)
North South2016Ives Dairy Rd.
North South2118SR 858 (Hallandale Beach Blvd.)
North South2219SR 824 (Pembroke Rd.)
North South2320SR 820 (Hollywood Blvd.)
North South2421SR 822 (Sheridan St.)
North South2522SR 848 (Stirling Rd.)
North South2623SR 818 (Griffin Rd.)
North26A24I-595 West
North26B24I-595 East
North South2725SR 84 (SW 24th St.)
South26C26I-595 East
South26D26I-595 West
North South2826SR 736 (Davie Blvd.)
North South2927SR 842 (Broward Blvd.)
South3029SR 838 (Sunrise Blvd.)
North30A29ASR 838 (Sunrise Blvd.) East
North30B29BSR 838 (Sunrise Blvd.) West
South3131SR 816 (Oakland Park Blvd.)
North31A31ASR 816 (Oakland Park Blvd.) East
North31B31BSR 816 (Oakland Park Blvd.) West
North South3232SR 870 (Commercial Blvd.)
South3333SR 840 (Cypress Creek Rd.)
North33A33ASR 840 (Cypress Creek Rd.) East
North33B33BSR 840 (Cypress Creek Rd.) West
North3436SR 814 (Atlantic Blvd.)
South34A36ASR 814 (Atlantic Blvd.) East
South34B36BSR 814 (Atlantic Blvd.) West
North3538Copans Rd.
South35A38ACopans Rd. East
South35B38BCopans Rd. West
North South3639SR 834 (Sample Rd.)
North South36C41SR 869 (SW 10th St.)
North3742ASR 810 (Hillsboro Blvd.) East
North South37B42BSR 810 (Hillsboro Blvd.) West
North South3844CR 798 (Palmetto Park Rd.)
North South3945SR 808 (Glades Rd.)
South4048SR 794 (Yamato Rd.)
North40A48ASR 794 (Yamato Rd.) East
North40B48BSR 794 (Yamato Rd.) West
North South40C50Congress Ave.
North South4151CR 782 (Linton Blvd.)
North4252SR 806 (Atlantic Ave.)
South42A52ASR 806 (Atlantic Ave.) East
South42B52BSR 806 (Atlantic Ave.) West
North South4356Woolbright Rd.
North South4457SR 804 (Boynton Beach Blvd.)
North South44C59Gateway Blvd./NW 22nd Ave.
North South4560Hypoluxo Rd.
North South4661CR 812 (Lantana Rd.)
North South47636th Ave. South
North South486410th Ave. North
North South4966SR 882 (Forest Hill Blvd.)
North South5068US 98 (Southern Blvd.)
North South5169Belvedere Rd.
North South52A70SR 704 (Okeechobee Blvd.)
North South5371Palm Beach Lakes Blvd.
North South5474CR 702 (45th St.)
North South5576SR 708 (Blue Heron Blvd.)
North South5677CR 850 (Northlake Blvd.)
North57A79ASR 786 (PGA Blvd.) East
North57B79BSR 786 (PGA Blvd.) West
South5779ABSR 786 (PGA Blvd.)
South57C79CMilitary Trail South
North South5883Donald Ross Rd.
North South59A87ASR 706 (Indiantown Rd.) East
North South59B87BSR 706 (Indiantown Rd.) West
North South6096CR 708
North South61101SR 76 (Kanner Hwy.)
North South61C102CR 713 (High Meadow Avenue)
North South62110SR 714 (Martin Hwy.)
North South 114Becker Road (open 9/31/09)
North South63118Gatlin Blvd.
North South 120Crosstown Parkway (open 3/28/09)
North South63C121St. Lucie West Blvd.
North South64126CR 712 (Midway Rd.)
North South65129SR 70 (Okeechobee Rd.)
North South66A/66B131SR 68 (Orange Ave.)
North South67138SR 614 (Indrio Rd.)
North South68147SR 60 (Osceola Blvd.)
North South69156CR 512 (Fellsmere Rd.)
North South70173SR 514
North South70A176CR 516 (Palm Bay Rd.)
North South71180US 192
North South72183SR 518
North SouthOpened 5/11/11188Pineda Causeway Extension
North South73191CR 509 (Wickham Rd.)
North South74195SR 519
North South75201SR 520
North South76202SR 524
North South77A205SR 528 (Beach Line Exwy.) East
North South77B205SR 528 (Beach Line Exwy.) West
North South77C208Port St. John Rd.
North South78212SR 407
North South79215SR 50
North South80220SR 406
North South81223SR 46
North South82231CR 5A
North South83244SR 442
North84249SR 44
South84A249ASR 44 East
South84B249BSR 44 West
North South85256SR 421
North South86A260ASR 400 East
North South86B260BI-4 West
North87261US 92
South87A261AUS 92 East
South87B261BUS 92 West
North South87C265LPGA Blvd.
North South88268SR 40
North South89273US 1
North South90278Old Dixie Hwy.
North South91284SR 100
North South91C289Palm Coast Pkwy.
North South-293Matanzas Woods Pkwy.
North South92298US 1
North South93305SR 206
North South94311SR 207
North South95318SR 16
North South95A323International Golf Pkwy.
North South96329CR 210
North South-335Old St Augustine Rd.
North South97337I-295 North
North South98339US 1 (Phillips Hwy.)
North99340SR 115 (Southside Blvd.)
North South100341SR 152 (Baymeadows Rd.)
North South101344SR 202 (J. Turner Butler Blvd.)
North102345Bowden Rd. to SR 109/University Blvd.
South103A346ASR 109 (University Blvd.) East
South103B346BSR 109 (University Blvd.) West
North South104347Alt. US 1 (SR 126/Emerson St.)
South105348US 1 (Phillips Hwy.)
South106349US 90 East
North107350AUS 1 (Prudential Dr.)
South108350BSR 13 (San Marco Blvd.)
North109351APark St.
North111351BI-10 West
South112351CMargaret St.
South113351DStockton St.
North114352AMyrtle Ave.
North114A352BForsyth St.
North115352CMonroe St.
North South116353AChurch St./Myrtle Ave./Forsyth St.
North South117353BUS 90 Alt. (Union St.)
North South118353CUS 23 (Kings Rd.)
North South119353DSR 114 (8th St.)
North South120A354AUS 1 South/MLK Jr. Pkwy. East
North South120B354BUS 1 North/MLK Jr. Pkwy. West
North South121355SR 122 (Golfair Blvd.)
South122356SR 117 (Norwood Ave.)/SR 115 (Lem Turner Rd.)
North122A356ASR 117 (Norwood Ave.)
North122B356BSR 115 (Lem Turner Rd.)
North South123357SR 111 (Edgewood Ave.)
North South124A358ASR 105 (Zoo Pkwy/ Heckscher Dr.)
North South124B358BBroward Rd.
North South125360SR 104 (Dunn Ave., Busch Dr.)
North South126A362ASR 9A
North South126B362BI-295
South127363Duval Rd. (Jacksonville International Airport)
North127A363ADuval Rd. East
North127B363BDuval Rd. West (Jacksonville International Airport)
North South128366Pecan Park Rd.
North South129373SR 200/SR A1A
North South130380US 17

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