Interstate Exit Numbers for I-4

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Traveling on I-4Old NumberNew NumberIntersecting Roadway
East West11SR 585
East West33US 41
East West45SR 574
East56Orient Rd.
East West67US 301
East West79I-75
East West810CR 579
East West914McIntosh Rd.
East West1017Branch Forbes Rd.
East West1119SR 566
East West1321SR 39 (Alexander St.)
East West1422SR 553
East West1525County Line Rd.
East West15A27SR 570 (Polk Pkwy.)
East1628SR 546 (Memorial Blvd.)
East West1731SR 539 (Kathleen Rd.)
East West1832US 98
East West1933SR 33/CR 582 (Socrum Loop)
East West2038SR 33
East West20A41SR 570 (Polk Pkwy.)
East West2144SR 559
East West2248CR 557
East West2355US 27
East West2458CR 532
East WestNone60SR 429
East West24C62World Dr. South
East West24D62World Dr. North
East24E62SR 417 (Southern Connector)
East West25A64AUS 192 East
East West25B64BUS 192 West
East26C65Osceola Pkwy.
West26C65Osceola Pkwy. East
West26D65Osceola Pkwy. West
East26A67SR 536 East
West26B67SR 536 West
East West2768SR 535
East27A71Central Florida Pkwy.
East West2872SR 528 (Bee Line Exwy.)
East2974ASR 482 (Sand Lake Rd.)
West29A74ASR 482 (Sand Lake Rd.)
East30A75AUniversal/International Drive and SR 435 South
West30A75ASR 435 South
East West30B75BSR 435 North (Kirkman Rd.)
East West3177Florida's Turnpike
East West31A78Conroy Rd.
East West3279John Young Pkwy.
West3380US 17/92/441
East33A80AUS 17/92/441 South
East33B80BUS 17/92/441 North
West3481AMichigan St.
East3581BCKaley Ave. East and West
East West3682ASR 408 (East-West Expwy.)
EastNONE82BSouth Street.
West3882BAnderson St.
East4183ASR 50 (Colonial Dr.), US 17/92 (Amelia St.)
West4184SR 50 (Colonial Dr.)
East West4284Ivanhoe Blvd.
East West4385Princeton St.
East4486Par St.
East West4587SR 426 (Fairbanks Ave.)
East West4688SR 423 (Lee Rd.)
West4790SR 414 (Maitland Blvd.)
East47A90ASR 414 (Maitland Blvd.) East
East47B90BSR 414 (Maitland Blvd.) West
East West4892SR 436 (Semoran Blvd.)
East West4994SR 434
East West5098Lake Mary Blvd.
East51A101ACR 46A
EastNone101BCSR 417 and SR 46
WestNone101ABCR 46A and SR 417
West51101CSR 46
East West52104Orange Blvd./US 17/92
East West53108Dirksen Dr.
West53CA-CB111Saxon Blvd.
East53CA111ASaxon Blvd. East
East53CB111BSaxon Blvd. West
East West54114SR 472
East West55116Lake Helen/Orange Camp Rd.
East West56118SR 44
East57129US 92 East
East58132SR 400 East

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