Ten-Year Cost Feasible Plan

Sample CFPThe CFP was originally prepared as the first major step in the development of the ITS Program. It outlines an agenda for successful ITS deployment to ensure FDOT maximizes the benefits of their investments by better managing and operating its transportation system.

The CFP focuses on deploying ITS on the five major limited-access corridors (I-4, I-10, I-75, I-95, and Florida's Turnpike) of the Florida Intrastate Highway System (FIHS) in coordination with the toll-funded expressways. The CFP was developed in cooperation with FDOT's District Offices and Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, and through a coordinated review of ITS needs on a statewide basis.

Originally funded with $496 million statewide-managed funds, the CFP is updated annually with additional monies added.

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan

Legacy Documentation — This link will take you to a page containing previous CFPs and the legacy documentation developed to define the ITS Program.

For additional information, please contact James Landini at James.Landini@dot.state.fl.us