Ten-Year CFP-Legacy

The purpose of this project was to develop ITS Corridor Master Plans and an ITS Plan for the Florida Intrastate Highway System (FIHS) limited-access corridors to be combined into a statewide program plan for the deployment of an integrated, interoperable ITS. Anticipated ITS needs, funding, and projects recommended for programming on a statewide basis are identified by this plan.

The basis of the plan is the completion of the conceptual engineering, ITS architecture, and system engineering analyses for FIHS limited-access transportation corridors:
ITS Program Corridors
  • I-95
  • I-75
  • I-10
  • Florida's Turnpike
  • I-4
Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 09/10 - FINAL published May 2010)

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 08/09 - FINAL published April 2009)

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 04/05 - published May 23, 2005)

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (FY 03/04 - published May 5, 2004)

Ten-Year ITS Cost Feasible Plan (Dated October 21, 2002 / Approved October 23, 2002)

Following are the final documents developed to define the ITS Program:

For additional information, please contact James Landini at James.Landini@dot.state.fl.us.