In 2005, FDOT embarked on the statewide effort of updating Florida's Statewide ITS Architecture (SITSA), which charts the current and future course of ITS deployment. A system-level document and database, the SITSA governs the planning, design, development, integration, implementation, maintenance, and operation of Florida's ITS projects. SITSA provides an integrated framework to ensure that various transportation technologies can work together smoothly and effectively on Florida's highways.

The rapid pace of ITS deployment in Florida makes it essential that transportation stakeholders examine the statewide framework to determine where ITS is headed and what objectives it must meet in the future. Another reason for updating the SITSA is the requirement that statewide architectures conform to the current national ITS architecture, which has been revised several times since 2001. The updated SITSA also integrates ITS planning and deployment with operations, maintenance, and security subsystems. SITSA harmonizes the various existing regional ITS architectures in the state.

This link directs you to Florida's recent SITSA and RITSA update.

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