Staff Directory

Division Head

Tillander, Trey(850) 414-4771Executive Director of Transportation Technology


Civil Integrated Management (CIM)

Krause, John(850) 414-4210Civil Integrated Management Officer
Causseaux, Jared(850) 414-4336GIS Program Manager
Hutchinson, Ed(850) 414-4910Manager, Transportation Data and Analytics
Korte, Stuart(850) 414-4399Supervisor, Data Systems Support
McDonald, Christine(352) 955-6624Data Governance Administrator
Wood, Brett(850) 414-4431State Surveyor

Information Security Management (ISM)

Tanner, Stephanie(850) 414-4011Information Security Manager
Collins, Chrissie(863) 519-2269Information Security Analyst
Collister, Josh(850) 414-4120Information Security Intern
Moudy, Abigail(850) 414-4286Information Security Analyst
Rutherford, Jacob(850) 410-5425Application Security Analyst
Tays, Kristi(863) 519-4234Information Security Analyst

Office of Information Technology (OIT)

Smiley, Greg(850) 414-4771Chief Information Officer
Boon, Bill(386) 943-5192Manager, Information Technology Services
Crumel, Tammy(850) 414-4292Manager, Integration Services
Fortune, Glendora(850) 410-5454Manager, Application Services

Process and Quality Improvement (PQI)

Rochester, Heather(850) 414-5384Supervisor, Process and Quality Improvement
Colson, Jason(850) 414-4061DST Liaison Consultant
Houston-Thompson, Alethea(850) 414-5386Service Level Analyst
Lawhon, Amanda(850) 414-5387Operations Review Specialist
Redd-Taylor, Jennie(850) 414-5382Document Specialist
Taylor, Daniel(850) 414-5388Operations Analyst
Vickery, Jamie(850) 414-4436Operations Analyst
Wilson, Thais(850) 414-5389Quality Review Specialist

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