Structures Design Office

Meeting Information


August 4, 2020


FDOT - Hosted Online via GoTo Meeting








Part A - Current State of Activity and Next Level of Needs (12 MB):

  • FRP-RC/PC Design (Vasconcelos)
  • Other State DOT activity (Hartman)
  • ASTM D7957-17 potential updates for mechanical property improvement (Gremel)
  • ACI Committee 440 related activities (Nanni)
  • FRP Rebar Industry (Busel)
  • Internantional perspectives (Benmokrane, Manalo, & Ferrier)
  • FDOT Construction related issue from recent projects & needs (Nolan)

Part B -  FRP Industry Discussion - Strategic Workplan Items and Roadmap Planning (1.2 MB):

  • Strategic Workplan Items #1 thru #10
  • Synergies with AASHTO COBS T-6 Strategic Plan to accelerate progress
  • EDC-6 (2021-2022) Any potential for FRP-RC?
  • Establish how FRP Manufacturing Industry can immediately contribute to advancing efforts
  • Future Workshop & Events
  • Action Item Summary: