Welcome to the Structures Design Office(SDO).

The SDO is one of six offices that make up the Office of Design (OD). The other offices within the OD are: Roadway Design, Specifications and Estimates, Production Support, Surveying & Mapping and Engineering CADD. (See tabs at the top of the page for links to the various offices within the Office of Design.) There are about 160 people employed with the OD and 40 within the SDO. Organization charts are included so you can see how the SDO fits within the FDOT organization.

The SDO is housed in the Burns Building and the Research Center is at Innovation Park. The Burns Building group is broken into several smaller work sections. But assignments often cross section boundaries and require employees to work as teams to complete the assignments. Employees may receive assignments completely outside their own section in an effort to optimize the talents of employees or to provide cross training opportunities.

What We Do:

To uphold our Mission, Vision and Values we have identified a list of core responsibilities for the Structures Design Office to define what we do on a daily basis:

  • Maintain an adequate and qualified staff.
  • Establish policy, procedures and standards.
  • Assist Districts in Bridge Program Management.
  • Provide structural, geotechnical, and mechanical/electrical engineering services.
  • Develop structures technologies.
  • Implement structures technologies.
  • Provide computer and CADD services.
  • Provide structures design training.
  • Provide support to other units of Design, Construction and Maintenance.
  • Monitor compliance with policy, procedures and standards.
  • Acquire feedback to constantly improve our products and processes by �listening� to our customers.