A 2019 FTI DVD will not be published and will not be mailed out. The 2018 data is accessible now via the:
    Florida Traffic Online Application. We apologize for this inconvenience.

The Florida Transportation Information (FTI) DVD contains a graphical interface to access highway and traffic data collected for the State Highway System and for selected off-system roads. The previous two software applications (Florida Transportation Information and Florida Highway Data) have been combined into a single application.

This data is available from one of the most comprehensive traffic count and highway data collection programs in the country. The Florida Transportation Information program allows users to locate, identify, and access this information from the thousands of traffic count sites monitored and thousands of miles of roadway inventoried.

To obtain a free copy of the DVD, you must fill out the online DVD Request Form. The Microsoft Access database (.MDB) that the FTI DVD provided access to is now available:Florida Traffic Information Database - 99 MB Zip File.


    For further information contact CO FTI Team or phone (850) 414-4848.