Operations - Central Office

  • Manage the Spaceport Improvement Program (SIP)
  • Manage the 5-year Spaceport work program
  • Manage consultant and grant funding process
  • Coordinate the Spaceport Master Plan with Space Florida
  • Direct allocation of SIP funds to District 5 managed contracts
  • Monitor commercial, government, and DoD aerospace trends
    Spaceport Improvement Program Funding (SIP)
  • Initial funding for Spaceports was $15M in 2012; FY21 funding is $86M
  • Typical allocation to Spaceports is 20% from Public Transportation Funds (DPTO) and the remainder from discretionary Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) funds.
  • Since 2012, Spaceports (18%) and aerospace partner (82%) investments exceed $1.7B
  • Capital project funding has 4 major categories:
Vertical Launch & Landing improvements Horizontal Launch & Landing Improvements
Processing & Range Improvements Common Use Infrastructure Improvements
Recently Completed Projects
  • High Pressure Helium Line
  • Roberts Road Corridor Development
  • Electrical Substation and Transmission Line
  • Launch Complex 46 (LC-46) Improvements
  • Rocket Test and Refurbishment Facility
  • Launch & Landing Facility Marking and Lighting Improvements
  • JAA Cecil Spaceport Infrastructure Improvements

Projects for FY 2023 -2024

  • LC-20 Improvements
  • LC-39 Next-Gen Space Vehicle Launch Site Infrastructure
  • LC-41 Launch Systems Facilities Modifications
  • LC-46 Launch Capacity Expansion 
  • Area 57 Refurbishment & Repurposing
  • Space Vehicle Processing & Operations Complex (SVPOC)
  • Launch & Landing Facility (LLF) Improvements
  • LLF East Area Development
  • ICBM Road Power Infrastructure Improvements
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Facility

Operations - District 5 Office

  • Manage all Spaceport projects, including those at Cecil Spaceport in District 2
  • Prepare contracts with Space Florida
  • Manage grant funding for approved contracts
  • Conduct on-site contract progress monitoring visits for funded projects