Seaport Related Statutes

Statutory requirements for the Strategic Port Investment Initiative:
Link to 311.10, F.S.

Statutory guidelines for the Intermodal Logistics Center Infrastructure Support Program:
Link to 311.101, F.S.
Link to Draft rule 14-118

Statutory guidelines for Florida seaport transportation and economic development funding:
Link to 311.07, F.S.
Link to Rule 14B-1

Duties of the Florida seaport transportation and economic development Council:
Link to 311.09, F.S.
Link to 320.20(3), F.S.

Distribution of license tax money to fund the FSTED Program:
Link to 320.20(3), F.S.

Criteria for funding seaport related access projects:
Link to 320.20(4), F.S.

Guidelines for the Intermodal Development Program:
Link to 341.053, F.S.

Statutory Requirements for the Seaport Investment Program:
Link to 339.0801 F.S.

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