Safe System Approach

Jul-2022Application of Safety while Lane Repurposing
Jun-2022Wrong Way Driving - Targeted Countermeasures
May-2022Safe System Approach and the Strategic Highway Safety Plan
Oct-2022Safe Roads
Oct-2021Post - Crash Care
Oct-2021Safe Speeds
Oct-2021Safe Road Users
Oct-2021Opening Session & Safe Vehicles
Sep-2021Safe System Approach: What Is It and Why Is It Getting So Much Attention?


Jul-2022Lane Departure Countermeasure: Ground-in Rumble Strips
Apr-2021Partnering Toward Target Zero: The Critical Work of Safety Coalitions
Dec-2020Safe Mobility for Life Program: Resources and Focus Group
Nov-2017Achieving Safety Results by Addressing Behavioral Issues
Aug-2017Collaborating with Law Enforcement to Reach Zero
Jan-2017Reducing Crashes Involving Distracted Drowsy and Drinking Drivers
Apr-2016Louisiana’s Regional 4E Approach to Saving Lives: the Goal is Destination Zero
Jun-2015Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Operations

Complete Streets

Jul-2019Context Sensitive Signal Timing
Jul-2018Biking Facilities On and Along the Roadway
Jun-2018Policies Tools and Guidance for Improved Quality of Bicycling Infrastructure
Apr-2017Signal Timing and Phasing (Impact on Safety)
Mar-2017General Traffic Calming

Crash Data

Jul-2022Crash Data
Oct-2021Guidance in the Use of Crash Data
Jul-2017The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS)
Aug-2016Crash Investigation Process
May-2016GIS Data 
UnknownFlorida Traffic Crash Facts
UnknownCrash Report Overview
UnknownCAR Online


Highway Safety Manual (HSM)

Feb-2020Highway Safety Manual V2
Oct-2019HSM Webinars (1-9)
Oct-2019Highway Safety Manual Online Overview
Oct-2019HSM Practitioner's Guide for Multilane Highways and Urban/Suburban Roads  
Oct-2019HSM Practitioner's Guide for Rural Two Lane Roads
Apr-2018Highway Safety Manual for Local Agencies
Feb-2018Primer on the Joint Use of the Highway Safety Manual (HSM) and the Human Factors Guide (HFG) for Roadway Systems
Sep-2016SPF Calibration and Development
Feb-2013HSM Pracititioner's Guide for Horizontal Curves
Jul-2010Applications to Roadway Departure Crashes
Jul-2010Applications to Horizontal Curves
Jul-2010Applications to Rural Multilane Intersections
Jul-2010Applications to Pedestrian Safety
Jul-2010Applications to Urban/Suburban Streets
Jul-2010Application to Rural Multilane Highways
Jun-2010Application to Rural Two-Lane Intersections
Jun-2010Project Identification Using the HSM
Jun-2010Application to Urban/Suburban Intersections
Jun-2010Application to Two-Lane Rural Roadway Segments
Jun-2010HSM Introduction and Overview

Intersection Safety

Jul-2021Intersection Safety Workshop
May-2021Speed Management
Feb-2021Modern Roundabouts: Intersections Design for Safety
Sep-2020Intersection Collision Avoidance Safety Program - iCASP
Jul-2019Improving Intersection Safety for All Road Users
Dec-2017Intersection Control Evaluation (ICE)
Nov-2017Proven Safety Countermeasures Initiative for Intersections
Nov-2017Pedestrian Safety at Signalized Intersections
Oct-2017Reducing Left Turn Conflict at Intersections
Oct-2017Pedestrian Intersection Lighting Retrofit
Jul-2017Modern Roundabouts Florida Greenbook

Lane Departure Safety

Jul-2022Lane Departure Countermeasure: Ground-in Rumble Strips
Jun-2022Putting the Proven Countermeasures to Work to Reduce Roadway Departures
Feb-2021Combating Roadway Departures
Jul-2020High Friction Surface Treatment
Nov-2019Driving FoRRRwD – A Systemic Approach to Reducing Roadway Departures
Nov-2017Proven Safety Countermeasures Initiative for Roadway Departure
Aug- 2017Reducing Head On Crashes on Freeways


Local Agency Safety

Jul-2022Planning for Safety
Jun-2021Lighting Projects Lessons Learned / Best Practices
Aug-2018Local Safety Funding Options
Nov-2017Unpaved Road Safety
Oct-2017Florida Responder Safety and Traffic Incident Management (TIM)
Jul-2017How to Address Roadway Safety Issues for ATVs and Other Off-Road Vehicles
UnknownCollaborating with Local Agencies for Safety Improvements

Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

Jul-2022Pedestrian Lighting Primer: Street Lighting for Pedestrian Safety
Aug-2022Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Initiatives
May-2022NCHRP 948: 20 Design Flags to Evaluate Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety at Alternative Intersections
Nov-20202020 Virtual Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Best Practices Symposium 4-Part Series
Sep-2020Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian (STEP)
Aug-2020Midblock Crosswalks
Jul-2020Mitigating Top Bicycle & Pedestrian Crash Types Using Roadway Design
Jun-2020Developing and Delivering Pedestrian Safety Projects
May-2020STEP UP Campaign for Pedestrian Safety
Apr-2020Considerations for Selecting Pedestrian Hybrid Beacon Locations
Apr-2020Enhancing Mobility, Access and Safety for Pedestrians: Part II
Apr-2020Enhancing Mobility, Access and Safety for Pedestrians: Part I
Apr-2019STEP: Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian – How Florida is Implementing STEP
Mar-2019Planning for Pedestrian Safety: Leveraging FHWA Resources and Local Partnerships to Improve Pedestrian Crossings
Jan-2019Designing for Bicyclist Safety
Oct-2018Preventing Left-Turn Crashes Involving Pedestrians
Oct-2018Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons
May-2018Safe Transportation for Every Pedestrian
Mar-2018Key Messages for Pedestrians, Bicyclists and Drivers on High Crash Corridors
Jan-2018Pedestrian Treatments for Uncontrolled Locations
Dec-2017Proven Safety Countermeasures Initiative (PSCi) for Pedestrians and Bicycles; and Crosscutting Strategies
Jul-2011Funding Issues-Part 7
Jul-2011Engineering Strategies-Part 6
Jun-2011Safety Enforcement-Part 5
Jun-2011Pedestrian Safety Education- Part 4
May-2011Data Collection and Analysis-Part 3
May-2011Stakeholders-Part 2
Apr-2011Course Introduction and General Planning Principals-Part 1

Rural Safety

May-2022Safe Routes to School for Rural Communities Part 2
May-2022Safe Routes to School for Rural Communities Part 1
Dec-2018Rural Roadway Departure Countermeasures – Part 3
Nov-2018Rural Roadway Departure Countermeasures – Part 2
Oct-2018Rural Roadway Departure Countermeasures – Part 1
Aug-2018Designing for Rural Bicyclist Safety
Jul-2018Rural Roundabouts are Saving Lives
Jun-2018Rural Intersection Safety and Countermeasures
Oct-2017A Public Health Perspective to Rural Transportation Safety
May-2017Incorporating Safety Data in the Planning Process at the Rural Level 
Nov-2016Defining the Future for Safe Rural Transportation in America
May-2016Roundtable on the Public Health Side of Rural Transportation Safety
Mar-2016Crash Risk Factors for Low-Volume Roads: an ODOT Case Study
UnknownUtilizing Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) for Rural Road Safety


Safety Data Analysis

Jun-2021Safety Data Integration Space
Jul-2020SAFE STRIDES 2 Zero
Nov-2018IHSDM 2018 - New Enhancements Support Data-Driven Safety Analysis
May-2018Crash Costs for Highway Safety Analysis Guide
Sep-2017FHWA Safety Data and Analysis Toolbox
Dec-2016Reliability of Safety Management Methods
Sep-2016Introduction to Data Driven Safety Analysis (DDSA)
May-2016Using Advanced Safety Analysis Techniques for Network Screening
Apr-2016Data Driven Safety Analysis Office Hours
Jan-2016Safety Analysis of Freeways and Interchanges
UnknownHigh Crash Location Analysis on the State Highway System

Safety Fundamentals

May-2022Road Safety Audits 3-Part Series
Aug-2020Road Safety Fundamentals 5-Part Series
Aug-2020The Use and Misuse of Crash Modification Factors
Sep-2014Introduction to the Highway Safety Improvement Program
Jul-2014Roadway Safety Fundamentals
Jan-2014Applying the MUTCD to Aid Safety and Reliability
UnknownRoad Safety Fundamentals

Safety Performance

Date Title
Jun-2021Metropolitan Planning Organization Safety Targets and the Highway Safety Improvement Program
Mar-2017Safety Performance Management

Systemic Safety

Aug-2022Creating a Safety Culture: District Safety Administrators
Mar-2019Funding and Evaluating Systemic Safety Improvements for Pedestrians
Mar-2016Systemic Safety Analysis Approaches with Limited Roadway Data
Nov-2015Application of Systemic Safety to a Non-Engineering Concern

Target Zero

Date Title
Aug-2022Target Zero: Monitoring Safety Performance
Jun-2022Creating a Safety Culture: District Safety Administrators
Jun-2022Target Zero: Expanding Education Efforts 
Mar-2021Cultivating a Safety Culture
Oct-2020Orlando's Vision Zero Efforts
Jun-2020Developing Diverse Partnerships and Implementing Solid Action Plans to Improve Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety
May-2018Road to Zero: Getting to Zero Roadway Fatalities: What will it take?
Dec-2017The Culture of Swedish Vision Zero
Jun-2017ITE Vision Zero Virtual Toolbox
Dec-2016Toward Zero Deaths-Proactive Steps for Your Community

Vulnerable Road Users

Jun-2022Roadside Safety - Roadside Hardware
Oct-2018Rural Aging Road User
Apr-2017Vulnerable Road Users Part 3: FSCGTP and SRTS
Apr-2017Vulnerable Road Users Part 2: Motorcycle Data
Apr-2017Vulnerable Road Users, Part 1
Nov-2014Designing for Older Road Users

Work Zone Safety

Jun-2021Bicycle and Pedestrian Temporary Traffic Control Tip Card
Apr-2021Access Management: Fundamental Principles and Application
Dec-2019Improving Pedestrian and Bicyclist Safety in Work Zones