Engineering Safety Countermeasures

Florida's Target Zero Initiative is Taking a Safe System Approach to Develop SAFE ROADS



No death or serious injury is acceptable.

Humans make mistakes.

Humans are vulnerable.

Responsibility is shared.

Safety is proactive.

Redundancy is crucial.


The SAFE ROADS Element of The Safe System Approach:

Designing to anticipate human mistakes can greatly help prevent crashes or reduce their severity when they do occur. Examples include physically separating people traveling at different speeds, providing dedicated times for different users to move through a space, alerting users to hazards and other road users, or designing a more forgiving environment.

Florida has identified the risk factors for the mistakes that most often result in fatalities and serious injuries, to make strategic investments in engineering infrastructure to achieve SAFE ROADS and reach our target of ZERO fatalities and serious injuries.

Most Common Risk Factors in Florida’s Fatal and Serious Injury Crashes:

Lane Departures (33% of Florida’s fatalities and serious injuries)

Pedestrians and Bicyclists (28% of Florida’s fatalities and serious injuries)

Intersections (25% of Florida’s fatalities and serious injuries) (coming soon!)

FHWA’s Proven Effective Countermeasures to Address These Risk Factors:

Page updated: April 20, 2023